Don’t forget to register for state primary

By Katie Dawson

As the semester ends, deadlines are bearing down on us. This year this statement is true not only for school, but also for voter registration. Due to Illinois’ new and early primary day of Tuesday, Feb. 5, the deadline to register to vote has moved up to Jan. 8. This means most students will not be on campus near the deadline, so if you want to vote be sure to make a quick stop and register. There is a kiosk in the Union and College Democrats have a booth on the Quad where we register voters. Registering only takes about two minutes to fill out the form. It is convenient and appropriate to vote in Champaign County, because students live here the majority of the year and the primary is on a school day. Please remember that you must be registered at your current address, so if you lived at a different address last year you need to register at you new address. If you want to vote at home remember and need an absentee ballot, you may request it from your local county clerk starting Dec. 27. So, remember to register or you will not have a choice in the primary!