Orange Krush behavior abhorrent

We were all chafed when Eric Gordon backed out of his oral commitment to play at Illinois, and he certainly owed Illinois fans and Weber and his staff (who adjusted recruiting around his decision) an apology.

Whether he apologized or not, however, I am just disgusted at the predictable news that the Orange Krush has more of its puerile, mean-spirited taunting planned for the young man.

Costumes, antics, cheers are all great, but I absolutely abhor when so-called team support turns into personal – and even bizarre – insults.

The meticulous maliciousness of the Orange Krush adds nothing positive to the game and stains everything good that the Orange Krush does for the community and the Assembly Hall atmosphere.

Ultimately, Eric Gordon chose the school he thought was best for him.

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    If he flip-flopped, so what: So did most of us when we were 17 trying to decide what was best for us.

    The Orange Krush will no doubt spew their vitriol, but they have no right to do so – absolutely no right.

    Steve Rutledge

    Alumnus ’07