Orange Krush unfairly singled out

By Eric Benz

The Orange Krush holds itself to the highest standard of conduct. Our membership does not tolerate profanity or the throwing of objects at Fighting Illini games; we pride ourselves on being a more creative and respectful student section. However, sometimes when an incident occurs at our Assembly Hall, the Orange Krush is blamed for that incident. Not all students in attendance are Krush members and it is unfair to tarnish our entire organization for the uncivil actions of others.

Our organization has raised more than $1.5 million to support charities and has been recognized as a standard of excellence among student groups nationally. We urge all Illinois students and Illini fans to join us in loud, vocal support of our team for the rest of this season. Let’s cheer for the Illini – not against our opponent – as we continue to create an incredible, but always civil, home-court advantage in the Assembly Hall.

Thanks, and GO ILLINI!

Eric Benz

Orange Krush Foundation President, 2007-2008

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    VP of Orange Krush, 2007-2008

    Senior in LAS