UI community should have been alerted sooner

By Jennifer Hanson

I am deeply moved with the incident on Feb. 14. However, what was also tragic was that no one here at the University of Illinois took any initiative to have an alert raised on our own campus. Students were not aware of the incident at all but were shocked when alerted, “through the grapevine,” or by mass media. This is not how tragic incidents should be transmitted in our own campus.

The internal infrastructure here should have taken a greater initiative to ensure UI student safety. Illinois schools have a strong tie and often stronger, as evidenced recently in the chancellor’s mass e-mail that the gunman was a current student here. No one should have made the assumption that the incident in DeKalb would not have spillover here in Champaign.

I believe that the mass e-mail should have gone out sooner and increased security should have been noticed to the naked eye to envelop a feeling of safety here at the University of Illinois. Illini pride runs deep and so should the feeling of safety.