Guns in society a factor

By Marc Ramirez

I am responding to the article, “The Second Tragedy of Dekalb,” by Lee Feder, which uses the NIU tragedy to spotlight gun control and push for more limitations on firearms. Americans should be concerned with gun control; however, in the wake of this tragedy, other issues deserve just as much focus.

More control over firearm purchases may or may not have prevented these shootings, since the shooter could have obtained a gun illegally. On, in “Hot Guns: How Criminals Get Guns”, an ATF report, supported by the National Institute of Justice, states that “the illegal market is the most likely source for people to obtain a gun. In fact, more than half the arrestees say it is easy to obtain guns illegally.”

Knowing this, shouldn’t our focus be directed toward the societal issues that are contributing to individuals thinking up and committing such heinous crimes?

By gaining insight into why students turn to violence, we may be better equipped to prevent future incidents. To do this, more emphasis needs to be placed on changing people’s desires to use guns in violent acts.

Campus safety is another issue that deserves attention at times like these. Sadly, this is an era when school shootings are a reality, and we need to be properly prepared should something like the NIU shooting ever occur here. Thankfully, the University keeps the community informed of campus safety and has been updating our safety policies regularly.

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    Lastly, and most importantly, articles about the NIU shooting should have initially been predominantly, if not exclusively, focused on honoring those that were killed. There is a time and place for all other issues to be discussed, but before all else, we have an obligation as humans to remember and respect the memories of those that passed.