University Housing’s Unofficial policy ignorant

By Michael Blasingame

I received a rather disturbing e-mail from a friend of mine down the hall of ISR: “Additionally, the UI campus has made the decision to not allow guests who are not UI students in the residence halls for the weekend of February 29 – March 2. All our halls will be card-access-only on these dates. Any non-UI students or anyone who cannot show their iCard will be immediately asked to leave the facilities and the host will be held responsible.”

Show me in the contract that I signed where it states that you can randomly tell me who I can and cannot have in my building due to an Unofficial event, which is voluntary and under no means are people forced to participate.

I find this policy not only grotesquely ignorant, obstinate and naive, but I also consider it an infringement of my own personal rights to have a visitor over in my building.

I thought I lived in a residence hall, but perhaps I am repeating myself by calling it a prison. Additionally, the Housing “policy” will simply increase the number of drunk drivers on the road as those who intended to stay in the dorms will either have to drive to an off-campus hotel, or even worse back home.

This policy also limits the amount of visitors for people residing in dorms, but makes no effort to control visitors in non-resident housing.

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    Unofficial is still going to happen, whether the University likes it or not.

    My final words are directly to the Housing Staff at U of I:

    Thank you again for doing absolutely nothing to make my housing experience here a good one.

    I enjoyed filling out the surveys you sent out at the beginning of last semester, but I doubt they were ever taken seriously.