Unofficial needs changes

Lately, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. Our leaders, elected or otherwise, refuse to make choices concerning sensitive issues. Instead, they make small changes; convince the minority of progress, but try not to anger the majority. This isn’t a compromise but a temporary silencing mechanism. Small changes can be slowly undone without notice and the community remains divided.

“Unofficial” suddenly comes to mind.

I strongly believe your body, thoughts and life are your own. If you wish to defy logic and get killed, it’s completely within your rights. However, under no circumstances do you have the right to put someone else’s body, mind or life in danger. When so many people in one area drink themselves to a state of mental incapacitation, each of us has been put in danger. Whether walking, driving, or sitting at home, the risk is there and quite real; an intoxicated mind is neither logical nor lawful.

A single life touches many other lives. Destroy that single life and you destroy every other life it touched. Is the world so used to death and tragedy that recreational binge drinking, selfishness, profit and winning the next election take priority over a single life? Each of us is a single life. Each of our loved ones are single lives.

The fault of any tragedy on “Unofficial” rests with our leaders who didn’t stop the “holiday,” but could have. Why wasn’t it stopped? The students’ and community’s safety and health obviously weren’t considered, so why? What did you gain?

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    Sarah Borys

    graduate student