Gun owners get bad rap

Since the article about the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC) RSO being established was printed, there seems to be a lot of discussion about the issues of concealed carry and gun rights. I think that part of the issue also involves misconceptions people have about guns and gun owners.

Of the gun owners I know, they all keep their guns for personal reasons such as hunting, defense or recreational shooting. Each of them always acts responsibly and seriously when using and addressing matters involving guns, recognizing the seriousness of the topic. Knowing that even one misfire or innocent joke could cause a serious or fatal injury to someone is enough for gun owners to not take such matters lightly.

I believe that gun owners have a better understanding and respect for firearms and their power because they must be responsible to see that their guns don’t get used in the wrong manner. They are responsible for the safe storage, transportation and use of their weapons and the responsibility to see that they don’t get misused. More than anything I believe that a gun owner’s understanding of these duties helps them better recognize and appreciate their level of responsibility as a gun owner.

Any conception that gun owners are only power loving gun junkies is entirely inaccurate. Guns are a serious matter, and gun owners recognize this fact more than anybody.

Guy Diehl

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    Junior in ACES