COLUMN: It’s difficult to contact people

By Alissa Groeninger

Favorite story: “Degrees can improve status, study shows”

Favorite interview: My best interview of the year was with Robin McClain, attendance improvement and dropout prevention coordinator for the Champaign School District. I worked with her several times but really enjoyed speaking with her for a story about “Operation Graduation.”

Priceless quote: “Homelessness changes children into adults very, very quickly,” Peggy Dunn, Illinois state coordinator for homeless education said.

I wish “Student homelessness on rise across Illinois, Champaign-Urbana” was part of a greater acknowledgement of the poverty of children. I don’t feel the issue gets enough attention.

The moment I loved my job: The moment I loved my job most was when I saw my first byline.

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    The moment I hated my job: I hated my job when people would not call me back.

    I would love to investigate this person’s life further: I would love to investigate Kelsey Caetano-Anolles (from “14-year-old to graduate high school”) because she was very well-rounded and interesting. I would love to see how she fares in college.

    If I could do one story over again: It would be “International education week under way,” and I would find an interesting presenter or aspect of the week to incorporate in the story.

    I work here because: I want to be a journalist and it’s a great student paper.

    Hardest story to write: “Fidgety Boys program studies learning style” because it was difficult to get in contact with teachers because they are in the classroom during the day.

    I chose my beat because: I think education deserves more media attention.