COLUMN: Scratching a music itch

By Phil Collins

My favorite story:

Learning to scratch with DJ Bozak. I wanted to do a story like this for a long time but couldn’t because I was editing until March.

When I came back to writing I got in contact with DJ Bozak about giving me a lesson, and it was a lot of fun.

The accompanying video was essential for people to actually see and hear what I described in the story.

Most interesting interview:

Matt Selinger, general manager of Cowboy Monkey.

He shed a lot of light on the whole live music situation at the bar/restaurant and on the direction Cowboy Monkey is heading.

The semester’s best feature:

Kathy Khazanova’s story about Radio Maria. It was a very interesting story the photos turned out cool and it was great to have a recipe in the paper.

Best thing about features:

I have somewhere to talk about local music.

Story you would have liked to have done:

I would love to go into the studio with a band recording an album for a few days and write a story from that angle. Maybe next semester?

Best quote:

I have two favorite quotes and I could not decide between them.

“I’ve had people open the door and yell at me for not having live music.”

(The aforementioned Cowboy Monkey manager Selinger on the temporary absence of live music at his venue.)

When I interviewed two student fans of Kimya Dawson for a preview of her show, they both said she looks different than she sounds.

Emily Maskey, sophomore in FAA, said it best: “I kind of expected just like an awkward little white woman, and she’s like a big black woman.”