Real benefits to going Greek

By Jason Luksis

After reading some negative opinions about the Greek community, I wanted to share a conversation I had with a “hardcore” GDI friend my freshman year:

“Wouldn’t it be great to share a house with 30 of your best friends?” Yes. “A house with a big screen, pool table and a private cook?” Sounds better than a dorm. “Maybe party with all those friends once in a while?” Of course. “And wouldn’t it be nice to study with older students who have already taken difficult courses?” Yeah, I’m really worried about FIN 300. “Oh, my pledge dad is an ACCY major who is writing a case for 304. He loves to answer questions. And what about intramurals, it’d be a relief to have a team for every season, huh?” True, I missed soccer in the fall. “Wouldn’t it feel good to wake up early on a few Saturday mornings to play a charity golf event or install a playground for an elementary school?” Yeah, I loved volunteering in high school. “And most importantly, wouldn’t you like to share advice with younger students so they have more success in college?” I could have really used some help this year. “Well, maybe you never thought about what wearing letters is really about?” I guess not.

To my peers with strong negative opinions, please do not belittle the population of Greek students on campus passionate about personal success and the impact of their respective organizations. Everyone else, please consider joining the Greek community.