Ayers column elaborate concotion

By Venkat Maruthamuthu

I am writing in response to Dan Streib’s piece on the imagined connection between the Weatherman group and Obama. First of all, Streib himself states that Obama “obviously does not seek” a communist transformation and that “nothing has been found” linking Obama and Ayers.

The rest of the piece is an elaborate concoction of how they can possibly be linked and how McCain can use this slander to win in November. The saddest part of this is that Streib seems to think it is okay to win the election by exploiting this kind of malevolence in spite of zero evidence of the alleged tenuous connection between Obama and Ayers.

The fact that such columnists have to try so hard to connect Obama to other disgraced people in order to attack him only shows how impeccable Obama himself has been, compared to McCain who has made ‘blunders’ as often as he has deviated from any prepared text in front of him.

Given that such slander has largely substituted fact-based real issues in such columns as well as in the media in general, may I suggest one more that Mr. Streib can possibly use?

A random online post alerted me to how ‘Obama-Biden’ almost rhymes with ‘Osama Bin laden.’

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    This can’t be just a coincidence, can it? Surely, it should be God’s way of alerting ye’ all! Amen to that.