Article fails to note college participation

By Scott D. Johnson

It was good to finally read a positive article about the Global Campus in “The Daily Illini” yesterday. However, it was extremely disappointing that neither the College of Education nor the Department of Human Resource Education were mentioned in the article. With the article’s specific focus on our e-learning program, it is hard to imagine why our involvement in this partnership was not even mentioned. It was also disappointing that Mr. Silva’s instructor in one of his e-learning courses was listed only as a “professor in charge of the course.” Certainly mentioning the name of the faculty member who taught the course would have been appropriate recognition, especially given the positive tone of the article.

College of Education faculty on the Urbana-Champaign campus have worked extremely hard over the past year to conceptualize the program, develop proposals, navigate through the university approval process, identify course developers, and create and offer the courses. We entered into our relationship with the Global Campus as equal partners but at no time did we give away our ownership of the academic program. This is an important distinction because the article clearly implies that the Global Campus is the academic home of the new e-learning concentration. More accurately, the e-learning program resides in the College of Education and is offered in partnership with the Global Campus.

Scott D. Johnson, CIO

Associate Dean for Online Learning

College of Education

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    Professor, Human Resource Education