Who’s Obama running against?

By Jason C. Motsinger

Who is Obama running against for president? Sarah Palin or John McCain? From his current attacks, you would guess Palin. Ever since the surprise selection of Palin for VP, Obama has been attacking her. Either it is because McCain’s poll numbers have jumped over his or that the media’s attention has been fixed on her rather than him.

He has made several false claims against her about some books that she supposedly tried to ban or censor as mayor. Palin really asked the librarian if she would censor books. The librarian said no and was fired. Under public pressure, Palin re-hired the librarian.

Obama also attacks Palin’s now famous statement that the only difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom is lipstick. His comments put it that “putting lipstick on a pig does not change the fact that is a pig”, an obvious attack on her remark. He also accuses McCain of playing the gender card against him even though he played the race card to win the primary. McCain has not played the gender card; he played the true reformer card with his choice.

So Obama, who are you going to be debating 3 times before November? Sarah Palin or John McCain?

Jason C. Motsinger

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    Sophomore in ACES