‘Safe’ sex is a delusion

By Jason C. Motsinger

Condoms, the pill, “safe sex” and abortion. What do these three have in common? They are part of a ever growing attempt to tell people that it is OK to have sex without thinking about the consequences. Condoms are never “100 percent” effective in preventing the unwanted affects of sex, so the pill and abortion are meant to take care of the rest.

Many people have sex under the assumption that sex can always be safe if you take the proper measures. When that does not happen and the girls get pregnant, most get abortions because they did not think about the consequences of sex due to society telling them sex can be safe. This is a delusion.

The only true way to not have kids when you do not want them is not having sex, especially pre-marital. Those who do not heed this warning should put any undesired children up for adoption in stead of aborting them. Many people would be glad to adopt them because they may not be able to have children.

Jason C. Motsinger

Sophomore in ACES

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