Don’t dictate sexual morality to others

Jason Motsinger,

You asserted in your letter to the paper that the only surefire way to avoid having children is to refrain from sex. You then admitted that using contraception with abortion as a backup produces the exact same outcome.

Because you proved your own reason behind not having sex moot, I can only assume that you are not in fact worried about unwanted pregnancies but are actually just anti-sex. People like you don’t care how safe we can make sex. Many anti-sex people opposed the HPV vaccine, for instance, because people safely having sex is, in their minds, worse than sex having lots of negative consequences so people won’t have it.

Simply put, your opinion about sex is grounded not in reason or rationality but in personal moral values. I respect your right to have those values, but please stop trying to convince those of us who don’t share them that your way is somehow better than ours by using faulty logic and shoddy reasoning to prove your point. We aren’t fooled by it and will continue to have safe, respectful and, yes, responsible sex.

Liz McGrew

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    Senior in LAS