Cartoon ridicule offensive

By Fr. Gregory Ketcham Director & Head Chaplain St. John's Catholic Newman Center

I am appalled at the Editorial Cartoon by Dane Gaydos in the Sept. 19 edition that showed a Catholic confessional with the words of a priest giving a penance of prayers and three lines of cocaine. This, no doubt, is a reflection of the recent arrest of one of our St. John’s Catholic Newman Center priests. He has pled innocent. If he is guilty, what we have here is an isolated personal tragedy. We know that drug addiction knows no boundaries – age, social status, belief system, career, etc. How many times do we read about athletes, actors, physicians, teachers, CEO’s, etc. who battle addiction? What addicted people need is rehabilitation, healing and our prayers – NOT ridicule! Ridicule impedes rehabilitation and healing. In addition, I wonder if there would have been a cartoon if the individual involved had been of another faith tradition?