Greeks should put money where their mouth is

By Kate Laskowski

“Support domestic violence awareness, PLEASE” came the plea from three young women on the quad, as they jingled their cups full of change at passers-by. Finally, a few male friends approached to whom the girls called “Hey [boy’s name], don’t be a wife-beater, give us some money!” All three women were wearing Greek letters and were obviously doing this as part of their organization’s charity efforts.

Is this really charity? Demanding your fellow students offer their money to a cause you’ve done little to educate them about? I applaud your desire to help, but your methods are lacking in sincerity and you trivialize a very serious problem that you say you support. The Greek community (of which I am part), or any large student organization, has such potential to offer significant meaningful contributions to any charity. But begging for money on the Quad is counterproductive, at best, as it serves more to annoy the general student population than make them aware of your cause. If you really wanted to offer something helpful, how about you put your money where your mouth is by becoming trained as a help hotline operator or put your money where your hands are by actually volunteering at a local shelter? These charities need your time and effort and most importantly your genuine concern, rather than spare change given grudgingly by other students.

Kate Laskowski

Graduate Student