Pranks should stop

By Michael Foster

In response to the “Pranks” article in today’s DI, I totally agree with the University staff in regards to the effects of pranks on University property. People need to stop, think and use common sense before engaging in activities that can damage property. Joking around with friends and having a fun time is one thing, but when excessive property damage and wasting of one’s valuable time comes as a result, then priorities must be recalculated. Personally, the roped off areas on the Quad due to sliding in the mud which ruins the grass is an eyesore to me each time that I walk across campus. I would be glad to help pitch in and buy a campus-wide “Slip ‘n Slide” or even start an RSO for “Slip ‘n Slide” if it meant that the Quad would remain untouched. And to those who would do it again, think of how much money the University is spending to make the campus look nice for Homecoming this weekend. They don’t need to waste excessive spending on fixing up mud spots. Also, I’m sure that you and your families would not like people destroying your front yards, so why do it here? Have fun with your friends, be safe, and use common sense. Enough said.