Some voters are shallow

By Luke Weaver

In response to the sentiment that women are not shallow enough to vote for someone solely because of their sex, sorry to inform you, but plenty are. Politicians spend the majority of their time on “Stuff that does not matter.”

They go to bake sales, kiss babies, attend fundraisers for kids with cancer, and a million other things designed merely to promote the idea that they are a “Nice Guy” or “In Touch with Main Street.” Never mind that as worthy as these activities may be, they have jack-all to do with policy making. Why do they do this? Because time and time again, statistics have proven that the majority of swing voters end up “Going With Their Gut.”

The trend is not just in politics, it extends to home and car purchases (SUV’s anyone?), hiring, and a million day to day things like who you sit next to on the bus. Why do you suppose that Barack Obama enjoyed a nearly 40 point lead over Clinton among black Democrats? Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he looked more like those voters than Clinton did? Why did Bush enjoy such a large lead among white male southerners? The facts speak for themselves, for the most part, logic is a justification after the fact. People make judgments based on instinct, and McCain’s surge in the polls after his VP pick proves that women are like any other group in this way.