Sometimes abortion is necessary

By Matthew D. Chesner

In response to Annie Piekarczyk’s well written article from Oct. 6, I would first like to say that it is enormously important and beneficial for women to be voicing their opinions on issues like abortion because in the end it is women, and only women, who have the power to make a choice such as this about their bodies. We as males can put forth valid opinions on women’s issues, but it is necessary to remember that it is a one-step-removed perspective.

This being said I need to respectfully disagree with some of the writer’s comments. There ARE necessary reasons for abortion. Accidents happen, and no form of birth control (except abstinence) is effective 100% of the time. It is a heinous idea that women who have been raped or been the victim of incest should feel the need to keep the children that may result. It seems like nothing less then psychological torture to have a reminder of a sexual attack incubating inside you for nine months. Other women may fear for the health of their unborn children, afraid of passing on genetic diseases or predispositions for cancer. After a certain age in adults the likelihood of producing children with birth defects and diseases like Down syndrome skyrockets. A woman may rightly fear for her own health in choosing to abort a child, wishing to avoid bed rest and the possibility of developing diabetes.

The writer is absolutely right to promote safe sex and the use of contraceptives, and by no means should abortion be used as a frequent safeguard against irresponsibility. However, this is a decision that can only be made by one person: The woman who is pregnant. There is always an option and, sadly, sometimes that option is abortion.