Articles reach new low

By Kevin Sheahan

I have been troubled recently by the spate of dumbfounding articles presented on the front page of the DI. Although the journalistic quality presented in the DI runs the gamut from excellent to amateurish, I dare say the articles “Disturbance or disturbed?” and “Binge and brag” from the 29th and 30th of October, respectively, have scratched out a new low. The subject matter in “Disturbance or disturbed?” not only borders on farcical but was complemented by a photo illustration that is downright bizarre. In “Binge and brag,” purely anecdotal data is used to support the opinion that “Student drinking stories now shameless bragging right.” The opinion that students should be shamed into keeping mum about their drinking escapades is one idea that I’m sure few students agree with, and like all blatantly opinionated articles, should be kept to the opinion page.