Racism still all too common

I’ve known that racism is still alive in our country. But I am appalled by the reactions and feedback that I saw in my Facebook “News Feed” on Tuesday night regarding Obama’s win

I understand that McCain supporters are going to be upset that their candidate lost. I would feel the same if I was in their position. But I couldn’t believe the ignorance and hatred I witnessed moments after Obama’s win. I saw a countless number of “Status Updates” from people voicing their displeasure about Obama’s victory. Yes, everyone has the right to do this, but what disgusts me is how many people were making it blatantly obvious that they’re mad at the fact that a black man won. I knew racism was still around, but I was na’ve, not realizing just how bad it really is.

I’m not accusing all McCain supporters of being against Obama just because he’s black. Everyone has their differences in opinions about political issues and I know these are reasons that many people disagree on candidates. But immediately following the election, I witnessed an overwhelming number of people express their anger about our next President because of his skin color. To these people I say: If you’re going to hate Obama, at least make yourself sound educated and hate him for a real reason-not because he’s black.

It’s 2008. When will we move past this race thing? There are so many other things that we could be doing with this hateful energy. We all know that our country needs some serious changes but we cannot do this divided. We must work together as Americans to help our country out of this mess! I sincerely hope that everyone will soon realize that the racism is useless and will only hinder our progress.

Georgia Chévere

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    Junior in Media