Prop 8 result of ignorance

By Christopher Ruth

Last night in Los Angeles I cheered along with friends and family as Barack Obama was declared the next president of the United States. Today I find it difficult to even crack a smile. California’s Proposition 8 passed and I feel like all my faith and trust in humanity is beginning to crumble away.

I so badly want to celebrate the election of our new president, but I see my co-worker Paula, whose entire life was just turned upside down because of a vote. Paula woke up this morning to discover that her marriage-her existence-was voted on and deemed unlawful.

Marriage is a sacred bond? How can anyone in this country full of rising divorce rates and sensationalized adultery consider that statement to be true? People are afraid that allowing a man to marry a man or a woman to marry a woman will destroy the sacred institution of marriage. Our infidelity as a civilization is what is destroying marriage. The only thing that can possibly save marriage is the act of true and genuine love. Paula has that love for her wife.I mean ex-wife.

Why were we ever allowed to even vote on Prop 8? Because America is a land of helotism. Oppression continues to be second nature for us despite the very principles that our constitution was founded on. How could you vote yes for Prop 8 if you’re black or Latino? You should understand the desire for fundamental rights better than anyone else.

How could you vote yes for Prop 8 if you’re white? You should have learned your lesson regarding discrimination by now. How could you vote yes for Prop 8 if you’re Christian? You preach love and tolerance, not hate and fear. How could you vote yes for Prop 8 if you’re human and then look in the eyes of someone’s whose marriage is about to be annulled? On November 4, 2008, you declared that they are less than human.

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    The argument for Prop 8 was centered on America’s children. I have no doubt that most people who are concerned with the welfare of our children have never volunteered to help kids who are lost in our mess of a social system. Prop 8 just erased an estimated 18,000 same-sex marriages that could provide a safe and loving home for these children. Prop 8 also teaches kids that no matter how much we say “it’s OK to be different”, we are all really just full of crap. When California displays this level of ignorance, it makes it hard to maintain any level of hope for the rest of the country. Over 60% of California voted for Obama, but it is obvious that many of those same people haven’t heard a word the man has said.

    Christopher Ruth