“Yes We Can”

By Lindsay Dorrier

Waking up to a beautiful November 5th would not seem out of the ordinary unless one reflects on the momentous breakthrough of the previous day. The United States of America showed ourselves and indeed the world that the American dream is still alive and well, that even the most disadvantaged can rise to the pinnacle of achievement, and that we are a nation that can come together in the name of hope, progress, and unity. Let us sweep the partisanship of the past out the door, along with the fear of the unknown, and embark on what will likely be a defining Presidency for our status and future in the world.

This election was about polarization on one side and acceptance on the other, and the country chose to not stand alone as a sliver of the populace, but to embrace change as one, from Florida and Virginia, to Ohio and Colorado. John McCain began the healing process late November 4th in what was probably his most authentic and impressive speech of the campaign and the gravity of his call to come together must not be lost on Republicans or Democrats.

Furthermore, not in the lifetime of any student on campus has there been a more heavily followed election and now that the results are in, it is our duty as American’s to seize the moment and not revel in a Barack Obama victory, but return to our studies and our jobs with a renewed passion for innovation and hard work. We must embark on unprecedented challenges, both internationally and domestically, that will test our resolve and our might, but as Barack Obama and thousands of American’s repeated on an unseasonably warm November 4th, Yes We Can.

Lindsay Dorrier

Senior in LAS

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