Thanks for marriage column

I’m writing in regards to Annie Piekarczyk’s piece on gay marriage. I’ve never been compelled to send in my opinion in over 3 years at this school, but I am just incredibly appreciative of her article. As a member of the gay community, I am always so happy when someone acknowledges sexual orientation as something that cannot be helped. One of my biggest pet peeves about arguments against gay marriage and the gay lifestyle is that people think it’s a choice. It is NOT a choice. Why would we choose a lifestyle that doesn’t allow us to marry the person we love? Why would we choose a lifestyle that puts us in the extreme minority, making us less powerful and less able to be heard? I also liked how Annie brought up how same-sex marriage can’t possibly be more detrimental to our society than bringing inequality and suppression into it. And who’s to say that heterosexual couples haven’t already altered the view of the sanctity of marriage? The fact that our society allows 2 teenage kids to elope in Las Vegas and doesn’t allow 2 grown adults who LOVE EACH OTHER to get married makes me sick. Oh yes, heterosexual couples with those 1 in 2 divorce rates sure know what marriage is all about. I would like to thank Annie herself for writing this article, and the DI for publishing it. I really hope our country comes around someday for the sake of the gay community and for the sake of equality. And to finish off with one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite lesbians: “I was raised around heterosexuals, as all heterosexuals are. That’s where us gay people come from – you heterosexuals.” -Ellen Degeneres