Editorial stances hypocritical

Am I the only one who thinks it backward that the DI editorial board came out anti-Chief and yet pro-Bill Ayers? One day they write an article about how the University should accept Ayers as a guest-in-resident then the next day they argue Students for Chief Illiniwek should not have the Chief perform.

I found the Chief inspired me to do research on Native Americans, reducing my ignorance on the subject. But I recognize that the Chief can be seen as a controversial issue.

I just think it’s extremely hypocritical to lobby on Ayers’ behalf saying “No one is being forced to attend Ayers’ events, much less agree with his views,” and “Ayers will come here and the world will keep turning,” then the next day to argue against the Chief performing again. Is anyone being forced to be pro-Chief? Is “The Next Dance” going to stop the world from spinning?

Personally, I think the Chief has the potential to inspire others to educate themselves about Native Americans. I also think that when someone bombs the New York City Police Headquarters, the United States Capitol building, and the Pentagon, that tax dollars should be spent to lock them up, not spent paying them to teach students.

Dan Kurtz

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    senior in Engineering