Quick guide for inept gift-wrappers

Erica Magda

Erica Magda

By Emily Bardales

First, who must you buy presents for?

If you have a special someone, they get a Christmas present. If you are planning on visiting them over vacation because you just cannot live that long without looking into their beautiful eyes; their family gets a present too. If this is case, go for something for their house, such as a candle or small wall decoration.

Going home to your parents who pay for you to go to this great school, you should bring them something, even if it is small. The loved ones in your life understand that you are a student on a budget, but having something, no matter how small, shows that you appreciate them.

As for friends, that could go either way, since you are all probably broke, you could make an agreement to not buy each other presents so that the situation does not come up where you are the awful friend that receives a gift without having anything to give in return. The same goes for siblings.

Now, once you have selected the perfect gift, comes the really hard part – wrapping.

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    Everyone loves receiving presents on Christmas, but for those who are used to their parents taking care of the whole present-wrapping experience, here is a little how-to on the whole gift giving process.


    Select the wrapping paper.


    Size the paper to the gift and cut.


    Wrap paper around the present and tape, leaving the ends open.


    With the ends, fold the remaining paper in at the corners forming a triangle, then tape.

    Curl the ribbon

    Take the scissors to the remaining ribbon after tying it around the present, and starting at the end closest to the knot on the present guide the scissors to the opposite end of the ribbon. It should make a weird noise.

    Finishing touch

    A nice touch is to place a cheap ornament or bow on top of the present. It makes the present look prettier, and acts as a bonus gift.