Where is the change?

By Jason C. Motsinger

I must say that I am impressed, though not surprised, that Obama has asked Gates to stay on as defense secretary. But what about when Gates leaves? Will Obama still have a Republican in his cabinet? The rest of his chosen cabinet members look anything but bipartisan.

Hilary Clinton has been chosen as secretary of state. Her presence in the Obama administration shows how much power the Clintons still hold over the Democratic Party. She will not be entirely loyal to him, either. If Obama’s poll numbers begin to slide close to 2012 like Jimmy Carter’s did close to 1980, she might decide to do a Ted Kennedy and run against him for the nomination in 2012.

Eric Holder will take over a Justice Department still licking its wounds from a major scandal. But is he the right man for the job?

He was a top member in the Justice Department right before Bush took over in Jan. of 2001. As such, he helped Clinton in last minute pardon of a convicted tax evader who renounce his US citizenship, bypassing the usual procedures that go along with it.

The list goes on.

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    Where is the change we can believe in? All I see is empty campaign promises.

    Jason Motsinger

    Sophomore in ACES