Decision takes away student voice

By David Hsu

I feel that the Student Election Commission, by forcing Dan Weber to give up his position of Student Trustee to Matt Reschke, has disenfranchised a large portion of the campus community with their actions. Much of the campus probably does not care about the candidates’ stances on issues, but I supported Dan because of his stance on issues, not because of the fact that you could see his name everywhere you looked. More than 30 percent of all student voters voted for Dan, including me, and I feel that it is somewhat unfair to just give the position to the runner-up, since the people who voted for Dan now essentially have no voice in the decision. I know that the SEC has rules and such, and I am not making an effort to defend Dan’s actions. However, if the issue is one of fairness, I feel that the resolution of this conflict was more unjust than the cause of it.