Limbaugh quote taken out of context

March 6’s political cartoon portrayed an unflattering picture of Rush Limbaugh eating up radical rhetoric.

This cartoon is probably influenced by the clips aired on the mainstream media, of Rush saying “I want him (Obama) to fail!”

This clip is taken out of context and does not mean what the mainstream media wants you to believe it means.

The whole quote that the mainstream media conveniently leaves out is something like as follows: “If he [Obama] adds Reagan into his mix of Lincoln and FDR, I would want him to succeed. If his version of success is turning America into a socialist society, I want him to fail! Why would I want socialism to succeed?!?”

Notice, Rush says that he wants Obama to fail if and only if Obama’s goal is to turn America into a socialist society.

This is relatively light compared to the hatred Bush got as president.

Liberals, at every chance they got, said not only did they want Bush to fail, they proclaimed one of his major foreign policies (the Iraq War) a failure.

They even proclaimed that the surge failed until it was obvious that the surge worked.

Jason Motsinger

Sophomore in ACES