Cause of fraternity fire determined

Officials have determined the cause of the fire at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house on Tuesday evening. Fire Captain Bob Quinlan said the fire was the result of an electrically powered shop light left on the floor of the attic.

Quinlan added that someone left the light on before leaving for spring break and it caught fire after resting on the wooden floor for a few days.

“We had to pull the ceiling off of the third floor,” Quinlan said. “There is also some significant damage to the roof.”

Quinlan added repairing the structure of the house will cost $100,000 as well as an estimated $100,000 for damage to personal contents.

Zach Rodheim, sophomore in FAA and Delta Tau Delta fraternity member said teams are working to un-flood the house as well as investigating the damages for insurance purposes.

“You can see the sky from my hallway,” Rodheim said. “I still don’t know the state of my room, but a couple of guys went in and got my stuff out.”

As far as living arrangements go, the men of Delta Tau Delta are still unsure of where they will stay for the remainder of the semester.

Rodheim said freshmen will most likely live in various residence halls around campus, while sophomores and juniors may live in apartments.

Rodheim said there will be a meeting on Sunday evening at Clark Hall to discuss living arrangements. He added that after the meeting people will be allowed to sign contracts with dorms and apartments.

“We’re still in the process of figuring everything out,” Rodheim said.