Illinois Marathon should reach out to students

In response to your “Marathon needs volunteers” article on March 18, I have a suggestion. As a student at the University of Illinois and member of a Greek organization on campus, I can attest that students are constantly trying to find ways to become involved in community volunteer work. Between the competitive job market and current struggling economy, students are seeking ways to boost their resumes now more then ever.

“Desperation mode,” as he puts it, is unnecessary for Mark Knutson, the Illinois Marathon project manager, with the University at his very fingertips. Rather than considering the possibility of canceling the event, how about reaching out to the students? With the need for 150 more volunteers and a soon approaching deadline, marketing the positions to a group of over 40,000 undergraduate students is sure to be successful.

A specific student organization may sponsor the event with their members, or possibly a group of ‘Recreation, Sport, and Tourism’ majors looking to earn volunteer hours or extra credit. However so, I am confident that by reaching out to the students of the University of Illinois, the first-ever Illinois Marathon in Champaign will go on as planned.

Lindsay McGivern