Board of Trustees needs to be held responsible

The outright hostility shown toward Native Americans through the vandalizing of the “Beyond the Chief” artwork is intolerable. The Board of Trustees and the central administration should be accountable for damages.

The Board of Trustees never took a stance against the racism and stereotypical representation that the Chief represents. Further, the continual use of paraphernalia associated with the Chief (i.e. the music that accompanied the Chief performance) continues to send a message that the University at its highest levels does not care about the damage this symbol continues to do to this University and its students, especially students of color.

The Board of Trustees should immediately address these actions perpetrated against the Native American Studies Program and remove all vestiges of the Chief at University-sanctioned events. To not do so is to sanction the hostility toward American Indians at this University and across the nation.

Teresa Ramos

Graduate student