Obama nominates Sotomayor to Supreme Court

President Barack Obama nominated federal appeals judge Sonia Sotomayor to fill the Supreme Court justice vacancy on Tuesday. If the appointment is approved by the Senate, Sotomayor would be the nation’s first Hispanic Supreme Court justice and the third woman in the history of the court.

She would join Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg a the second woman on the current court.

Andrew Leipold, University professor of law said Obama’ choice was not a great surprise.

“President Obama has been interested in diversifying with someone who has significant life experience (in the court system),” Leipold said of Sotomayor’s appointment.

Leipold added that Sotomayor has related to both sides of the political spectrum in the past, as she was initially nominated a federal judge by Republican President George H.W. Bush and was promoted to the appeals court by Democratic President Bill Clinton.

There has been some criticism among conservatives that Sotomayor has too much of a personal agenda, and may rely too heavily on personal feelings.

“That’s what the (Senate) confirmation process if for,” Leipold said in reference to Sotomayor’s agenda possibly being a problem.

Leipold, however, said he does not forsee Sotomayor’s personal feelings as posing a problem.

“It’s fair to say any judge will bring their life experiences to the bench,” Leipold said.