Q: How do I stay healthy on campus?

A lot of people worry about the Freshman 15 when they come to campus. With the buffet style eating, plenty of places that deliver well after midnight and the choice to drink, some people find staying healthy difficult.

However, there is plenty of ways to stay healthy on campus.

While eating in the dorms, try to balance any fried foods or foods high in calories with something a little healthier, like salad or fruits and vegetables or whatever. The housing web site has an option called EatSmart, where you can check the calories and fat contents of all the different foods that the dining halls serve.

As for eating out and drinking, it can be hard to keep track of calories or care about calories. You should just remember to keep a balance and try not to consume more than you plan on working off.

The campus offers a variety of places to work out at pretty much all hours of the day and night. There’s the ARC and CRCE, which have classes, the pools, tracks, basketball courts, etc.

A lot of the dorms have workout facilities within them. You can join intramural or club sports or just go out and throw a Frisbee or football on the quad with some friends.

Staying healthy on campus is not hard to do, as long as you don’t eat until you can’t move at every meal. Just try to keep a balance and not stress out about it.