Q: I just received various accounts. Which combination does what?

After you’ve been accepted to the University, chances are the first thing you’ll be asked to do is get online and check out all of the new options that open up to you on the Illinois Web site.

You’ll be given a couple of different identification names and passwords: a “NetID,” which acts as your username while you’re on campus, and the ability to set various passwords for your e-mail, course registration page, and more, for example. At first this may seem overwhelming – multiple passwords? Usernames? How am I supposed to memorize all of this? But don’t worry; within time you’ll get the hang of everything.

Generally, your “NetID” will act as your username for just about everything, including your e-mail, registration, “Enterprise” account (which will give you access to your student account and other personal information), and Compass (the most common online homework Web site).

Not only that, but in many of your classes your NetID becomes important as a way to identify yourself to your professors.

You’ll need to set a couple of passwords, usually different ones for the registration page and e-mail. Make sure you write them down and keep them in a safe place, letting yourself know what password matches up with what section of the Web site.

Within time, you’ll discover the most important University web sites, and which ones will require you to visit them the most.

Generally your e-mail account is vital to your time on campus.

You’ll receive updates from your dorm, University information, and more.

Keep it tabbed as a favorite on your browser. And remember, your NetID will always be the first part of your e-mail address – right before @illinois.edu.

You’ll get the hang of it!