Q: Should I get school supplies on Orientation Day?

When it comes to school supplies, bring the basics.

You’re going to need pens, pencils and notebooks. If you’re bringing a computer, then make sure you have computer paper. Also, you might need lined paper for some of your classes.

For your dorm room, it’s a good idea to buy tape, scissors and glue because you never know when you might need them. I also brought paperclips and a stapler with me last fall as a freshman. While I believe I used one, maybe two, of the paperclips, a stapler is a must-have.

The rest really depends on what classes you plan to take. If you’re signed up for a mathematics, physics or economics class, you will need a calculator. If you’re taking a Spanish course, you might want a Spanish-English dictionary.

Other than the obvious supplies, you have to decide for yourself what to bring based on what you like. Did you use a binder or trapper during high school?

Then bring one to college. I personally have a zipper pencil case with all my permanent pens, mechanical pencils and a highlighter. I also bring a notebook and folder with me to every class. They’re lightweight and don’t take up a lot of room.

You probably don’t have to worry about buying an assignment notebook.

When you come for orientation, there should be a coupon to get a free I-Book, the official University assignment notebook, from one of the bookstores in the orange bag they give you. If you’re like me, you won’t realize this until you move in and see that everyone else has an I-Book. Luckily for me, my residence hall happened to give out its own version of an assignment notebook.

If you forget anything, don’t sweat it! You can always buy whatever you’re missing from one of the bookstores or Walgreens.