Q: What do I need to know about doing laundry?

For those who have always been lucky enough to have their laundry done for them, doing it at for the first at school may seem like a daunting challenge. Some of us are used to our clothes being washed, dried and folded for the following day. Next year however, the challenges of living without a family to help you out with all your chores may seem less than exciting.

While some students know that laundry is not their forte, fortunately the college laundry process is not all that bad. Yes, you no longer live in your own home where you can travel down the stairs to do your laundry.

Still, there are laundry facilities in every university housing building on campus. Unlike at home, laundry facilities on campus are shared with the other students in each building.

Students will find that some laundry rooms are bigger in certain buildings than in others; the larger facilities necessarily cater to bigger dorms.

Laundry also never has to be huge ordeal; it’s very possible for students to multitask while they wait for their loads to be done. The laundry facilities have wireless internet, so students often bring their laptop and catch up on some homework.

A load of wash is $1.25, and a load in the dryer is $0.75, and the machines only take quarters. It can be a pain to find quarters sometimes, but the laundry rooms have a change machine that takes dollar bills and fives.

Also, new this year, students are able to add extra credits to their iCard online to pay for their laundry.

They can purchase the extra credits on the housing Web site, and all the facilities now have machines where they can swipe their card.

This proves to be a hassle-free process, and it entails less worrying about where students are going to find quarters.

Even while many students are not used to doing their laundry, most will find that it is less of a task than they ever thought it would be.