Q: What should I know about decorating my new room?

The freshman dorm is the epicenter of freshman year. It is where students socialize, study, sleep and eat, but, most importantly, it is their home. This is why it is imperative that your dorm room is properly equipped with all the freshman year essentials and decked out in latest decor.

Before rushing out to shop, however, students should know the details about their room, such as the dimensions and set-up. This is essential to buying the right things and in the right size. If the room is 13” by 20”, like a triple is in LAR, the carpet has to be relatively small. If students have the top bunk or a lofted bed, the right storage and lighting are needed. It is important that freshman talk to their new roommates so they do not end up with multiple items. It is very likely that they could end up with two carpets, but no television. Students also may want to split the cost of pricier items such as a refrigerator.

After the essentials are taken care of, the fun part begins. Students can choose posters, bedding, curtains and chairs that reflect their personal style and make their room more comfortable at the same time. It is helpful to think about day-to-day life . . . if students watch a lot of movies, a futon may be a good investment. If they plan on studying in their room, a comfortable desk chair will make all the difference.

While it is easy to get carried about by the excitement of the freshman dorms, purchases should be thoughtful and economical. During freshman year most students are far too busy to spend a lot of time in their room or want to worry about expensive things.

Freshman year is a time for experience. Nonetheless, the experience will be enhanced by an awesome room.