June 2: Start doing your own laundry now

Unless you’re able to go home every few weeks and con someone into doing it for you, laundry will quickly become an undesired, but nonetheless important chore.

For the next three months when you’re home, take it upon yourself to learn how to wash your clothes.

It seems basic enough, but I’ve observed some of my friends wash their clothes with a highlighter in a pocket and turn everything a beautiful neon yellow, accidentally put clothes into a second washing machine instead of a dryer, transform a comfortable pair of jeans into a spandex-tight pair of pants my 14-year-old sister couldn’t even fit in and turn their white sheets pink after washing them with a red comforter.

Ladies, guys weren’t the only culprits. Female friends ruined plenty of expensive outfits because they didn’t realize those items weren’t meant for industrial dryers. It might be a pain, but hand-washing clothes or hanging them to dry is the safest route. If you must wash your clothes, it comes down to this: learn to love the cold water cycle. Don’t take chances with that shiny new “Class of 2012” T-shirt.

So suck it up and give your mom a break. Do your laundry for a few months and you’ll thank me later.