June 8: Want to park on campus? Start saving and planning now

There is no rule that says a freshman can’t have a car on campus. In fact, many first-year students do. However, the cost of the convenience may not be worth it, says Thomas Skaggs, Coordinator at the University’s Facilities and Services Parking Department.

“We have a very comprehensive and convenient bus service throughout campus and both cities,” Skaggs said. “We are adding more bike trails too. With the current prices for gas and for parking, possession of a car on campus is becoming a less inviting option.”

Skaggs said the University has seen a slight influx in demand for parking, although it has leveled. Some students may think Campustown isn’t set up to facilitate parking, but Skaggs disagrees.

“Despite the perceptions of some, UI Campus is actually a very friendly campus for parking, including student parking,” Skaggs said. “To gain a better perspective one only needs to compare UI with other Universities around the country and they would soon discover that student parking of any kind is a luxury. And on some campuses, when student parking is permitted (at all) it is often very remote from campus and far more expensive.”

Parking for students is limited to several lots — E-14, F-23, and North Parking Deck B-4. Although Skaggs said permits for those spots don’t become available until July, start thinking about it now because you have to consider the cost of a permit (more than $350 for nine months) and try to beat the rush once the permits are available. Special parking is available for the disabled.

To find out more about parking availability all students go to www.parking.uiuc.edu or call the parking office at at (217) 333-3530.