June 17: (Don’t) trash your Michigan and Indiana apparel

There are two routes you can take here, and I couldn’t decide which was best. I’ve kept a few and wear them when I’m at home, but you wouldn’t catch me dead on campus wearing crimson or maize (or North Carolina baby blue for that matter). So I let other students give their advice. Here’s what people had to say about what to do with T-shirts and assorted paraphernalia from other colleges, particularly Illinois’ biggest rivals:

“I didn’t really have anything from other schools except an Oxford shirt, but I still wear that.”

— Stan Marquardt,

Communications studen

“I still kept it because I don’t like throwing things out. But I don’t wear any of it here. Except Wisconsin stuff because my sister went there, but I get bad looks when I do.”

— Kathleen Oyama, ACES student

“Oh yes, I kept it.”

— Iker Garcia,graduate student

Editor’s note: Iker was wearing a Wisconsin T-shirt

“I kept them but I don’t wear them around campus. I felt like I would be a traitor if I did.”

— Mariam Mafee, 2008 alumna of LAS

“I still wear all of it. It’s not that bad … right?”

— Alex Brucks, students LAS

“Me and a bunch of buddies got messed up and burned all of it. It was fun at the time. We thought we were going to have school spirit.”

-Andrew Shallenberger, students ACES