June 26: Take precautions if you bring a bicycle

As long as you are safe, observant of pedestrians and balanced (meaning not a klutz), a bike is the best way to get around campus. However, some of the bike paths, particularly those around the Quad, are reminiscent of the autobahn and can be a potential disaster. Despite the old adage, perhaps you’ve forgotten how to ride a bike. I recommend taking the bike out this summer and use it as transportation, at least for close travels, just as practice. However, unless you have a piece of junk, I don’t recommend bringing your bicycle to campus.

Last year, 31 bike thefts were reported on campus, according to an article written by Eric Anderson of The Daily Illini. The value of your bike probably isn’t worth the risk of it being stolen. Instead, consider buying a bike second hand.

If you are going to bring your bike to campus, there a few precautions you should take, according to Anderson’s story.

  • Register your bike with Campus Parking
  • Know your bike’s serial number
  • Use a good U-Lock

Take it from a victim, getting your bike stolen is no fun. Aside from its cost to replace, altering your schedule is a pain in the neck. Instead of leaving for class at 12:55 and arriving at 12:58, I have to plan around the bus schedule or just walk. That’s 10 minutes of my life, wasted! I’m not bitter, as you can tell, but get a sturdy bike lock and don’t leave your bike unattended on a rack for two long without checking on it.