Q: How do I get involved in student organizations (RSOs)?

With over 40,000 students at the University representing a variety of backgrounds, more than 900 registered student organizations (RSOs) exist to cater to the many interests that exist on campus. Here’s a list, broken up by category:


100 Strong Coordinating Committee

President: Kevin Collins, [email protected]

A Novel Idea

President: Christine Wintczak, [email protected] .

ACES Student Council

President: Jamison Mosley, [email protected]

ACM GameBuilders

President: Cameron Kikoen, [email protected]

Actuarial Science Club

President: Susan Wolk, [email protected]

Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Medical Society

President: Vikram Goyal, [email protected]

Alpha Epsilon Honor Society

President: Stephen Anderson, [email protected]

Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity

President: David Mejia, [email protected]

Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Honor Society

President: Matthew Michaels, [email protected]

Alpha Rho Chi

President: Scott Brackney, [email protected]

Alpha Sigma Nu

President: Lauren Johnston, [email protected]

American Advertising Federation at the University of Illinois

President: Eleni Hasiakos, [email protected]

American Association of Equine Practitioners, Illinois student chapter

President: Ericka Dailing, [email protected]

American Association of University Professors at UIUC

President: Donald Uchtmann, [email protected]

American Association of Zoo Veterinarians, Illinois Student Chapter

President: Samantha Haskins, [email protected]

American Civil Liberties Union Law School Chapter

President: Diana Rabut, [email protected]

American Concrete Institute

President: Kerry Hall, [email protected] .

American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Local 698 (AFSCME Local 698)

President: James McGuire, [email protected]

American Fisheries Society, UIUC Student Subunit

President: Blake Ruebush, [email protected]

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, Student Chapter of the

President: Dusty Sachen, [email protected]

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Student Branch

President: Joel Houston, [email protected]

American Institute of Architecture Students

President: Emily Bateman, [email protected]

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

President: Tom Swanson, [email protected]

American Library Association Student Chapter at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

President: Michelle Chronister, [email protected]

American Medical Student Association Pre-Med (AMSA)

President: Sean Swearingen, [email protected]

American Meteorological Society at UIUC Student Chapter

President: Sara Strey, [email protected]

American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association Student Chapter at UIUC

President: Bryan Schlake, [email protected]

American Society for Information Science and Technology Student Chapter

President: Steven McCauley, [email protected]

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

President: Gina Francis, [email protected]

American Society of Civil Engineers

President: Daniel Rogers, [email protected]

American String Teachers Association

President: Hamilton Le, [email protected]

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, Student Chapter

President: Vivian Wen, [email protected]

Aquarium Club

President: Erik Chatroop, [email protected]

Arab American Association of Engineers and Architects (AAAEA)

President: Ibrahim Odeh, [email protected]

Art Graduate Student Organization

President: Ryan Thompson, [email protected]

ASCEND Student Chapter

President: Ying Wu, [email protected]

Asian Pacific American Graduate Students Organization

President: Anne Saw, [email protected]

Aspiring Latinos in Medicine Association (ALMA)

President: Erika Oceguera, [email protected]

Assisting, Tutoring, and Planning for Students in the Health Related Sciences

President: Arsalan Kabir, [email protected]

Association for Computing Machinery

President: James Wordelman, [email protected]

Association for Professional Development in Counseling Psychology

President: Mrinalini Rao, [email protected]

Association of Academic Professionals

President: Jenny Barrett, [email protected]

Association of Food Technologists

President: Timothy Buran, [email protected]

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting

President: Maria Revelo, [email protected]

Astronomical Society at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

President: Aaron Hanks, [email protected]

Athletic Training Club

President: Ana Maguin, [email protected]

Beta Gamma Sigma

President: Michelle Chin, [email protected]

Biological Anthropology Journal Club

President: Alyson Rode, [email protected]


President: Yadi Li, [email protected]

Black Faculty and Academic Professionals Alliance

President: Christopher Span, [email protected]

Black Graduate Student Association

President: Ivory Berry, [email protected]

Black Law Students Association

President: Ebony Reid, [email protected]

Brazilian Student, Faculty and Staff Association

President: Evelyn Caporali, [email protected]

Bringing Advancement Necessary for Greatness

President: Benjamin Towal, [email protected]

Business Charity Foundation

President: Roger Jin, [email protected]

Business Law Society

President: Jillian McClelland, [email protected]

Campus Faculty Association

President: janet reis, [email protected]

Campus Recreation Student Professional Organization

President: John Nunez, [email protected]

Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society

President: Adaugo Ebiringah, [email protected]

Chicana/o Latina/o Association for Autonomous Anthropology

President: Anthony Jerry, [email protected]

Child Development Research Committee

President: Jeffrey Goetz, [email protected]

Chinese Entrepreneur and Professional Club

President: Lei Peng, [email protected]

Christian Healthcare Students Association

President: Timothy Lee, [email protected]

Clinical-Community Psychology Graduate Students’ Organization

President: Andrew Case, [email protected] .

Club Insecta

President: Allen Lawrance, [email protected]


President: Sonia Mariscal, [email protected]

College Teaching Effectiveness Network

President: Blair Goodlin, [email protected]

Common Cents and Investing

President: John Lohr, [email protected]

Communication Leaders

President: Jennifer Van Tuyle , [email protected]

Community Informatics Club

President: Jeffrey Ginger, [email protected] .

Companion Animals Club

President: Anna Bengtson, [email protected]

Computer Science Graduate Students’ Organization

President: Lucas Cook, [email protected]

Core Business Group

President: brandon tiller, [email protected]

Cornfield Navy Yacht Club

President: Eric Anderson, [email protected]

Criminal Law Society

President: Marley Nelson, [email protected]

Critical Research Collaborative

President: Judith Estrada, [email protected]

Dad’s Association

President: Rebecca Galardy, [email protected]

Debating Society at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

President: Daniel Cord, [email protected]

Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity

President: Rachel Petersen, [email protected]

Design Build Fly

President: Anthony Waymire, [email protected]

Determined Minds

President: Thaer Ahmad, [email protected]

Digital Imaging Group

President: Aaron Gibson, [email protected]

Disney College Program Alumni Association

President: Jorden Brotherton, [email protected]

Doctoral Students of Urban Planning

President: Joanna Ganning, [email protected]

Drugs, Culture & Society

President: Daniel Larson, [email protected]

Ecological Design Consortium

President: Jennifer Sin, [email protected]

Economics Club

President: Karan Ganjawalla, [email protected]

Economics Graduate Organization

President: Richard Hislop, [email protected]

Educational Society for Resource Management

President: Brian Bajjalieh, [email protected] .

Engineering Employment Expo

President: Ahmed Ahmed, [email protected]

Engineering Freshmen Committee

President: Kelsey Erickson, [email protected]

Engineering Open House

President: Gavin Rehkemper, [email protected]

Engineering Student Alumni Ambassadors

President: Jason Berner, [email protected]

Entomology Graduate Students Association

President: Rob Mitchell, [email protected]

Environmental Law Society

President: Stephanie Johnson, [email protected]

Epsilon Delta Professional Teaching Organization

President: Alyssa Shlensky, [email protected]


President: Senthil Rathinavelu, [email protected]

Ethics Bowl

President: Tim Nuccio, [email protected]

Experimental Phonetics

President: John Jang, [email protected]

Family Law Society

President: Matt Miller, [email protected]

Fed Challenge at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

President: Trenton Morrow, [email protected]

Field and Furrow Agronomy Club

President: Ashley Grothaus, [email protected]

Finance Club

President: Sarah McGinniss, [email protected]

Financial Engineering Club

President: Naveen Iyer, [email protected]

FIRM Consulting, The

President: Kari Olson, [email protected]

Floral Design Club

President: Kathleen Barnes, [email protected]

Freshman Business Association

President: Roger Jin, [email protected]

Future Healthcare Executives

President: Darshil Patel, [email protected]

Gamma Epsilon

President: Chelsey Walker, [email protected]

Gamma Sigma Delta

President: Frederic Kolb, [email protected]

Gamma Theta Upsilon Geography Society

President: Michael Widener, [email protected]

Geography Graduate Student Association

President: Richelle Bernazzoli, [email protected]

Geology Club

President: Amanda Peters, [email protected]

Geotechnical Engineering Student Organization of University of Illinios at Urbana-Champaign

President: Brett Zitny, [email protected]

Golden Key International Honour Society

President: Husain Esmail, [email protected]

Graduate Anthropology Student Association

President: Kathryn Fay, [email protected]

Graduate Social Work Association

President: Rachael Dietkus, [email protected]

Graphic Design Students at Illinois

President: Tirso Gamboa, [email protected]

Health Psychology Association (HPA)

President: Nallely Galvan, [email protected]

Healthy Eaters Club

President: Ian Sassano, [email protected]

Higher Education Student Association

President: Jason Taylor, [email protected]

Homebrew Computer Club

President: Eduardo Narvaez-Gete, [email protected]

Hoof and Horn

President: Nolan Paxton, [email protected]

Horticulture Club

President: Jennifer Burns, [email protected]

Hospitality Management Association

President: Andrew Coltman, [email protected]

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society UIUC Student Chapter

President: Scarlett Herring, [email protected]

Human Interest Professions Club

President: Brandon Lesch, [email protected]

Human Nutrition Club

President: Karla Ortiz, [email protected]

Human Resource Education Council

President: Justin (Jinhong) Kim, [email protected]

IlliAAC Academic Advisers

President: LaTanya Cobb, [email protected]

Illini Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow

President: Joshua Bruketta, [email protected]

Illini Christian Faculty and Staff

President: Paul McNamara, [email protected]

Illini Dairy Club

President: Bradley Niemerg, [email protected]

Illini Entrepreneurship Network

President: Blaine Fahey, [email protected]

Illini Horse Judging Team

President: Therese Bonoma, [email protected]

Illini Ingenuity

President: Robert Kopp, [email protected]

Illini Investing Group

President: Atul Gupta, [email protected]

Illini Livestock Evaluation Club

President: Wes Chapple, [email protected]

Illini Pullers

President: Stephen Corban, [email protected]

Illini Space Jet

President: Namho Kim, [email protected]

Illini Speech and Debate Team

President: Dan Weber, [email protected]

Illini Veterans

President: Edward Maher, [email protected]

Illini Yan Xin Qigong Study Group

President: Fengjie Sun, [email protected]

Illinois Association of Statisticians

President: Jonathan Held, [email protected]

Illinois Biological Society

President: Andrew Wood, [email protected]

Illinois Biophysics Society

President: Damien Mathew, [email protected]

Illinois Congressional Debate Team

President: Katherine Robillard, [email protected]

Illinois Policy Debate

President: eric ranz, [email protected]

Illinois Political Science

President: Eric Schulz, [email protected]

Illinois Socratic Dialogue Club

President: Benjamin Sanchez, [email protected]

Illinois State Bar Association, Student Division

President: Marron Mahoney, [email protected]

Illinois Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association

President: Adrienne DiPietro, [email protected]

Independent Media Center, UIUC Chapter

President: Mike Lehman, [email protected]

Industrial Designers Society of America

President: Bradley Wong, [email protected]


President: Adam Swiatek, [email protected]

INROADS Student Organization

President: Fernando Marchini, [email protected]

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

President: Kanishka Kumar, [email protected]

Intellectual Property Legal Society

President: James Lovsin, [email protected]

International Association for Hydraulic Research Student Chapter

President: Blake Landry, [email protected]

International Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine

President: Jayme Richardson, [email protected]

International Business Association

President: Li Chu, [email protected]

International Genetically Engineered Machines Team at Illinois

President: Aleem Zafar, [email protected]

International Law Society

President: Roya Samarghandi, [email protected]

International Studies Students’ Association

President: Carolyn Kloecker, [email protected]

International Water Resources Association

President: Christiana Barnas, [email protected]


President: Esha Khullar, [email protected]

JAMS of the College of Media

President: Chelsea Insprucker, [email protected]

Kilnfolk Art Collective

President: Clara Hoag, [email protected]

Kinesiology Graduate Student Association

President: Siobhan White, [email protected]

Korean Economics Students Organization

President: Amy Yoon, [email protected]

Korean Engineering Association

President: JongHwa Lee, [email protected]

Labor and Employment Relations Multicultural Student Association

President: Julia Siebert, [email protected]

Labor and Industrial Relations Association

President: Yael Judd, [email protected]

LAS Leaders

President: Joseph Levin, [email protected]

Latina/o Studies Graduate Student Organization

President: abel correa, [email protected]

Latino Association for Business Students

President: Fermin Ayala, [email protected]

Latino-a Computer Science Club

President: Fernanda Mendes, [email protected]

Latinos in Pre-Health

President: Pablo Quintana, [email protected]

Law Student Improvisation Society

President: Alan Succari, [email protected]

Leadership and Management Club

President: Jennie Pak, [email protected]

Linguistics Student Organization

President: Daniel Carr, [email protected]

Linux Users’ Group

President: Nick Tabick, [email protected]

Litigation Club

President: Tegan Machnich, [email protected]

Ma’at Black Student Union

President: Willie Valentine, [email protected]


President: Markus Schober, [email protected]

Math Teachers Incorporated (MTI)

President: Justin Capadocia, [email protected]

Maum Meditation at UIUC

President: JA MIN KOO, [email protected]

MBA Diversity Association

President: Lauren Johnson, [email protected]

MBAA Graduate Finance Association

President: Jonathan Grubb, [email protected]

MBAs of Color

President: Angela Moton, [email protected]

Meat Science Club

President: Sean Holmer, [email protected]

MechSE Graduate Women

President: Neera Jain, [email protected]

MENC The National Association for Music Education

President: Rebecca Melendez, [email protected]

Metals Guild at University of Illinois

President: Motoko Furuhashi, [email protected]

Minorities in Agricultural, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences

President: Semecia Williams, [email protected]

Minority Association for Future Attorneys

President: Olivia Young, [email protected]

Minority Association for Future Educators

President: Marisol Cholewick, [email protected]

Minority Association of Pre-health Students (MAPS)

President: Caesar Arturo, [email protected]

Minority Business Students Association

President: Joseph Lee, [email protected]

Minority Leadership Group

President: Ryan Clark, [email protected]

Minority Student Medical Forum

President: Lewis Jordan, [email protected]

NAESC National Conference 2008

President: Scott Banjavcic, [email protected]

National Association of Black Accountants

President: Lesley Winbush, [email protected]

National Association of Black Journalists

President: Jarron Farmby, [email protected]

National Band Association, UIUC Collegiate Chapter

President: Emma Burrows, [email protected]

National Black MBA Association Collegiate Chapter

President: Ashton Clark, [email protected]

National Network of Latin American Medical Students, UIUC Chapter

President: Mario Lopez, [email protected]

National Organization for Business and Engineering

President: Brad Kennedy, [email protected]

National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers

President: Kwaku Okraku, [email protected]

National Science Teachers’ Association, Illinois Chapter

President: Jerry Brady, [email protected]

National Society of Black Engineers

President: Gabrielle Pendleton, [email protected]

Net Impact at UIUC

President: Jennifer Liou, [email protected]

Neuroscience Club

President: Zack Johnson, [email protected]

Neuroscience Program Postdoctoral Association

President: Ernest Blackwell, [email protected]

Nutritional Sciences Graduate Student Association

President: Rose Ann Mathai, [email protected]

Omega Tau Sigma Professional Veterinary Fraternity

President: Amy Wade, [email protected]

Operation and Technology Management Association

President: Himanshu Kapoor, [email protected]

Organization for the Advancement of Legal Education

President: Peter Dahl, [email protected]


President: Eli White, [email protected]

Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, Magruder Chapter

President: Stacia Weber, [email protected]

Phi Beta Lambda business society

President: Evan Thompson, [email protected]

Phi Chi Theta Professional Business Fraternity

President: Sonia Kanjee, [email protected]

Phi Delta Epsilon

President: Shane Regnier, [email protected]

Phi Gamma Nu, Professional Business Fraternity

President: Matt Hisey, [email protected]

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity

President: Nicholas Loafman, [email protected]

Phi Sigma Tau National Philosophy Honors Society

President: Lally Gartel, [email protected]

Physics Society

President: Ian Wisher, [email protected]

Pi Sigma Alpha

President: Colin Clark, [email protected]

Pi Tau Sigma Mechanical Engineering Society

President: Gibson Mammen, [email protected]

Planners Network Chapter at UIUC

President: Melissa Pognon, [email protected]

Poetry Club

President: Patrick Gourley, [email protected]

Posse 5 at Illinois

President: Jessica Barrientos, [email protected]

Pre-Dental Club

President: Ashley Ginsberg, [email protected]

Pre-Law Club

President: Yoo Soo Kim, [email protected]

Pre-Occupational Therapy Club

President: Rachel Francis, [email protected]

Pre-Physical Therapy Club

President: Christine Nelson, [email protected]

Pre-Physician Assistant Club

President: Kristin Hess, [email protected]


President: Jay Patel, [email protected]

Progressive Librarians Guild

President: Angela Fortin, [email protected]

Project Discovery Accounting Society

President: James Moon, [email protected]

Project Q

President: Sudarshan Rangan, [email protected]

Prospective Students of Medicine at University of Illinois

President: Jennifer Anderson, [email protected]

Public Health Association

President: Vaishali Joshi, [email protected]

Racing Wheelchair Aerodynamics Design Team

President: Greg Busch, [email protected]

Raise Awareness of Childhood Obesity

President: Sheena Samra, [email protected]

Real Estate Law Society

President: Patrick Mills, [email protected]

Rhetoric Society of America – Student Chapter

President: Kathleen Lamp, [email protected]

Rho Epsilon, Student Real Estate Association

President: Mike Brancheau, [email protected]

RSO Gift Fund Account

President: Tarina Galloway, [email protected]

RSO Tester

President: Chasity Bree, [email protected]

Rube Goldberg Society

President: James Kryger, [email protected]

Sabermetrics and Sports Statistics Club

President: Kiran Pydisetty, [email protected]

SAEDI Creatives

President: Ben Behrman, [email protected]

Secretariat, The

President: Susan Conrad, [email protected]

Sexual Health Peers

President: Emily Sha, [email protected]

SIGBio Special Interest Group for Biocomputing

President: Cyrus Rashtchian, [email protected]

SigBOT, Special Interest Group for Robotics

President: Justin Conroy, [email protected]

Sigma Alpha Lambda

President: Kimberly Cholewa, [email protected]

SIGMil, Special Interest Group for Military Applications

President: Vijay Ramesh, [email protected]

SigNet, Special Interest Group for Networking and Security

President: Joseph Re, [email protected]

SigWin, Special Interest Group for Windows Development

President: Puskar Naha, [email protected]

Slavic Graduate Students’ Association

President: Jack Hutchens, [email protected]

Social Work Doctoral Association

President: Samantha Hack-Ritzo, [email protected]

Societas Varroniana

President: Daniel Abosso, [email protected]

Society for Art History and Archaeology

President: Jennifer Furlong, [email protected]

Society for Art History and Archeology (SAHA)

President: Jane Rivas, [email protected]

Society for Business and Management in Architecture

President: Ryan Barandino, [email protected]

Society for Experimental Mechanics

President: Adam Booher, [email protected]

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

President: Michael Wolf, [email protected]

Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science – UIUC Chapter

President: Diana West, [email protected]

Society for Women in Physics

President: Laura Jane Elgass, [email protected]

Society of American Archivists

President: Paolo Gujilde, [email protected]

Society of Future Female Attorneys

President: Marissa Marszalek, [email protected]

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

President: Ben Slater, [email protected]

Society of Women Engineers

President: Jenny Tsao, [email protected]

Society of Women in Business

President: Bailey Hatch, [email protected]

Solar Car Club

President: Mark Murawski, [email protected]


President: Brooks Moore, [email protected]

Spanish, Italian and Portuguese Graduate Organization

President: sally perret, [email protected]

Special Interest Group for Computer Architecture, SigARCH

President: Wit Riewrangboonya, [email protected]

Special Interest Group for Operating Systems

President: Vijay Ramesh, [email protected]

Special Interest Group for Short-Term Projects, SigDave

President: David Paola, [email protected]

Special Interest Group on Programming Languages

President: Justin Conroy, [email protected]

Special Interest Group on Security, Audit and Control (SIGSAC ACM)

President: Chris Clausen, [email protected]

Special Libraries Association Student Group

President: Kayte Korwitts, [email protected]

Sports & Entertainment Law Society

President: Wesley Bullock, [email protected]

Street Law

President: Anne Rubin, [email protected]

Structural Engineers Association (SEA)

President: Aurora Ebert, [email protected]

Student Advancement Committee

President: Andrea Steele, [email protected]

Student Advancement Group for Education

President: Josh Bodenheimer, [email protected]

Student Alliance Of Veterinarians For the Environment

President: Samantha Haskins, [email protected]

Student Alumni Ambassadors

President: Mitch Heisler, [email protected]

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

President: Katy Dixon, [email protected]

Student Awareness for the Group of Eight

President: Max Voldman, [email protected]

Student Education Association

President: brittany lys, [email protected]

Student National Medical Association

President: Sylvester Douglas, [email protected]

Student Planning Organization

President: John Kersh, [email protected]

Student Research Chefs Association

President: Erika Neely, [email protected]

Student Society for Human Resource Management

President: Natasha Gibbons, [email protected]

Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society

President: Joseph Cosman, [email protected]

Students in Free Enterprise

President: Brent Battaglia, [email protected]

Students in Progress

President: Dominic Hahn, [email protected]

Students Interested in Student Affairs

President: Viraj Patel, [email protected]

Students of Illinois Promise

President: Emily Trapp, [email protected]

Synton Amateur Radio Club

President: Ethan Miller, [email protected]

Taiwanese Women Studies Group

President: I-Chen Wang, [email protected]

Technology and Management Student Board

President: John Unger, [email protected]

Theta Beta Mach

President: Anthony Correa, [email protected]

Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity

President: Jason Lang, [email protected]

Trading Illini

President: Matthew Madeja, [email protected]

Trial Team

President: Max McClintock, [email protected]

Tsinghua University Alumni Association at UIUC

President: Bo Tan, [email protected]

Turf Club

President: Josh Skelton, [email protected]

Undergraduate Association of Student Anthropologists

President: Sarah Erwin, [email protected]

Undergraduate Business Association

President: Christina Fertl, [email protected]

Undergraduate Counseling Student Association

President: ANNA MA, [email protected]

Undergraduate Materials Organization

President: Pamela Wojtulewicz, [email protected]

Undergraduate Patent Law Society

President: Yanzhu Wang, [email protected]

Urbana Cycles at UIUC

President: Nicholas Moller, [email protected]

V-Day at UIUC

President: Ashley Ford, [email protected]

Veterinarians Without Borders

President: Teera Parr, [email protected]

Veterinary Business Management Association

President: Heather Stice, [email protected]

Veterinary Internal Medicine Club

President: Jayme Hoffberg, [email protected]

Veterinary Students of Illinois, Limited

President: Kathryn Wycislo, [email protected]

Wildlife Society, Illinois Student Chapter

President: Blake Ruebush, [email protected]

Women in Aerospace

President: Julie Honcharevich, [email protected]

Women in Aviation

President: Stacy Winslow, [email protected]

Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering

President: Jun Jiang, [email protected]

Women In Molecular and Cellular Biology

President: Martha Tomala, [email protected]


5 Animals Kung Fu

President: Robert Putman, [email protected]

Academic Buzzer Team

President: Trygve Meade, [email protected]

Acorn Anglers

President: Timothy Dunne, [email protected]

Beach Volleyball

President: Phillip Lejcar, [email protected]

Bears Fans

President: James Hara, [email protected]

Campus Assassins Guild

President: Tim Bissaillon, [email protected]

Car Tuners and Enthusiasts at UIUC

President: Mark Stoeven, [email protected]

Chambana Medievalist Association

President: B.A. Davis-Howe, [email protected]

Champions League Fan Club (CLFC)

President: Wyatt Lind, [email protected]

Classical Fencing Club

President: Liudmila Yafremava, [email protected]

Climbing Club at UIUC

President: Andrew Maginniss, [email protected]

Club Curling Team

President: Lee Macomber, [email protected]

Co-Ed Ultimate Disc Club

President: Caroline Corboy, [email protected]

Contract Bridge Club at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

President: Samuel Johnson, [email protected]

Cricket Club of Illinois

President: Raja Ramakanth Katta, [email protected]

Cubs Fans USA – Illini Branch

President: Michael Fauerbach, [email protected]

Dance 4 Christ

President: Kortney Fox, [email protected]

Dodgeball Society

President: Michael Kevorkian, [email protected]

Dodging Illini

President: Michael Kevorkian, [email protected]

Falling Illini Skydiving Club

President: Michael Murphy, [email protected]

Fencing Illini

President: Stefanie Engstrom, [email protected]

Fighting Illini Bass Club

President: leo kim, [email protected]

Fighting Illini Boxing Conditioning Club

President: Ronnie Rascia, [email protected]

Fighting Illini Triathlon

President: James Becker, [email protected]

Flickerball Club

President: Russell Klaus, [email protected]

Flippin’ Illini Gymnastics Club

President: Kyle Sassatelli, [email protected]

Foot Clan

President: Greg Busch, [email protected]

Goshin Jitsu

President: Alain Sothikhoun, [email protected]

Hwarang Taekwondo

President: brian gaona, [email protected]

Illini Badminton Club

President: Evelyn Chou, [email protected]

Illini Badminton Intercollegiate Sports Club (IBIS)

President: Seng Khai Keng, [email protected]

Illini Billiards Club

President: Mark Fontecchio, [email protected]

Illini Bowling Club

President: Lee Boudouris, [email protected]

Illini Chess Club

President: Christopher Girardo, [email protected]

Illini Cricket Board

President: Dishant Parikh, [email protected]

Illini Cycling

President: Jessica Cole, [email protected]

Illini Dance Team

President: Vanessa Castellano, [email protected]

Illini Dancesport

President: Kyong Wook Noh, [email protected]

Illini Equestrians

President: Beth Papanek, [email protected]

Illini Floor Hockey

President: Stephen Therrien, [email protected]

Illini Handball

President: Matt Anderson, [email protected]

Illini Hockey

President: Timothy Gilbert, [email protected]

Illini Judo Club

President: Ryan Burns, [email protected]

Illini Juggling and Unicycle Club

President: Jeff Peters, [email protected]

Illini Jujitsu

President: Tony Bergstrom, [email protected]

Illini Kung Fu Club

President: Wilbur Chang, [email protected]

Illini Mens Water Polo Club

President: Stephen Wickes, [email protected]

Illini on Target

President: Tim Nuccio, [email protected]

Illini Paintball

President: Nichole Davidson, [email protected]

Illini Poker Club

President: Eddie Woo, [email protected]

Illini Poultry Club

President: China King, [email protected]

Illini Powerlifting

President: Laramie McMasters, [email protected]

Illini Pride Student Athletic Board

President: Andrew Logeman, [email protected]

Illini Racquetball Club

President: Kevin Ross, [email protected]

Illini Roleplaying Network

President: Lynley Eichhorn, [email protected]

Illini Rowing

President: Dan Walsh, [email protected]

Illini Runners

President: Lynn Fennema, [email protected]

Illini Softball Club

President: joe faifer, [email protected]

Illini Spades Club

President: Elliott Sang, [email protected]

Illini Speedcubers

President: Felix Wang, [email protected]

Illini Squash Club

President: Vedant Bubna, [email protected]

Illini Table Tennis Club

President: xavier woo, [email protected]

Illini Tae Kwon Do Club

President: Candice Carnahan, [email protected]

Illini Track Cycling

President: Jay Collins, fcoll[email protected]

Illini Trap and Skeet Club

President: Alexander Wolfe, [email protected]

Illini Warmachine

President: Cory Hurst-Thomas, [email protected]

Illini Waterski and Wakeboard Club

President: Mark Cassidy, [email protected]

Illini Women’s Soccer Club

President: Lauren Fraczek, [email protected]

Illini Women’s Water Polo Club

President: Allison Luft, [email protected]

Illinois Club Baseball – Division II

President: Rich Hauser, [email protected]

Illinois Competitive Cheerleading

President: Krista Wilkins, [email protected]

Illinois Competitive Figure Skating

President: Liara Leftridge , [email protected]

Illinois Cross-Country and Track Club

President: Aaron Silver, [email protected]

Illinois Disc Golf Club

President: adam dow, [email protected]

Illinois Hockey Club

President: Patrick Boyle, [email protected]

Illinois Lacrosse Club

President: James Driscoll, [email protected]

Illinois Men’s Rugby Club

President: Daniel Deligio, [email protected]

Illinois Men’s Soccer Club

President: Ryan Moorehouse, [email protected]

Illinois Men’s Ultimate Team

President: Bradley Johnson-Bice, [email protected]

Illinois Sailing Club

President: Jameson Gay, [email protected]

Illinois Skateboarding Society

President: Dale Sormaz, [email protected]

Illinois Soccer Community

President: Sudeep Gowrishankar, [email protected]

Illinois Synchronized Skating

President: Anna Meyer, [email protected]

Illinois Windsports

President: Alex Gilman-Smith, [email protected]

Illinois Women’s Lacrosse Club

President: Joanna Zahn, [email protected]

Illinois Women’s Rugby Club

President: Joan Boska, [email protected]

Illinois Women’s Volleyball Club

President: Kerri Witowski, [email protected]

Inline Insomniacs

President: Gretchen Karcher, [email protected]

Jang Song Taekwondo

President: John Ha, [email protected]

Kendo Naginata Club

President: Alice Duong, [email protected]

Korean Illini Football Association

President: soo an, [email protected]

Kouksundo Meditation Club

President: Seon Mi Kim, [email protected]

Kuk Sool Won at the University of Illinois

President: Brandon Beamer, [email protected]

Magnates of Perambulation

President: Glen Forneris, [email protected]

Modern Street Survival Self Defense Program

President: Jeremy Butler, [email protected]

Nerf Tag

President: Sam Jin, [email protected]

Numenor Foam Fighting

President: Allison Lacker, [email protected]

Pick-up Ultimate Frisbee

President: Ben Blumenthal, [email protected]

Riding Illini Motorcycle Club

President: Anson Wu, [email protected]

Rodeo Club at the University of Illinois

President: Cody Skees, [email protected]

Running Road Racers

President: James Macatangay, [email protected]

Shinkendo at UIUC

President: Ryan Tokarek, [email protected]

Shuri-Ryu Karate Club

President: Courtney Kuhl, [email protected]

Slow Movement Club

President: Matt Grothouse, [email protected]

Smashing Illini

President: Eric Brickman, [email protected]

Students Utilizing Resources Viably in Various Environments

President: Michael Kehoe, [email protected]

Tae kwon do at UIUC

President: Michael LeMay, [email protected]

Taiji Club

President: David Kim, [email protected]

The Chief’s Airsoft Platoon

President: John Kambic II, [email protected]

Tire Lifting Club

President: Lucas Sturnfield, [email protected]


President: Nathan Yee, [email protected]

Underwater Hockey

President: Kevin Remick, [email protected]

White Sox Nation

President: Isabel Dimas, [email protected]

Womens Ultimate Frisbee

President: Jayne Widhalm, [email protected]

Women’s Underwater Hockey Club

President: Samantha Nelson, [email protected]

Wushu Club

President: Brian Wang, [email protected]

Yahtzee Club

President: Andrew Kickertz, [email protected]

Yakity Yak Kayak

President: Jessica Johnson, [email protected]

Yoga And Meditation Club

President: Chenxi Yu, [email protected]

Creative/Media/Performing Arts

Art Club

President: Sara Schroeder, [email protected]

Atius-Sachem Mom’s Day Sing

President: scott Baker, [email protected]

Balkan Performing Arts Society

President: Natasha Kipp, [email protected]

Ballroom Dance Club, The

President: Leila Farivar, [email protected]


President: Matthew Glickson, [email protected]

Chaiway 57

President: Deborah Shub, [email protected]


President: Aarti Jayanth, [email protected]

Concert Choir

President: Colin Leslie, [email protected]

Cosa Meara Company of Irish Dance

President: Margaret Allison, [email protected]

Creative Ent.

President: Ricky O’Neal, [email protected]

Creative Writers’ Workshop

President: Pamela Glosson, [email protected]

Cutting Edge Show Choir

President: Kaitlyn Dalton, [email protected]

Dance 2XS Caliente

President: Annamarie Tabo, [email protected]

Dancing Illini

President: Tanja Hodges, [email protected]


President: Paul Casperson, [email protected]

Designers of Innovative Computer Exteriors

President: Tony Wong, [email protected]

Destination Imagination

President: Emily Lombardo, [email protected]

Dollhouse 67

President: Blair Baldwin, [email protected]

Elysium on the Prairie

President: Jordan Hawker, [email protected]

Expression Theatre Troupe

President: Loy Webb, [email protected]

Extreme Mafia

President: Kristin Chan, [email protected]

Film Series Group

President: Vincent Fulton, [email protected]


President: Ashok Venugopal, [email protected]

Floor Lovers Illinois

President: Jenkin Ng, [email protected]

Friends of Amasong

President: Courtney Cuthbertson, [email protected]

Ghungroo Dance Company

President: Roopali Jayswal, [email protected]

GM Agency

President: Aramie Payton, [email protected]

Green Observer Magazine

President: Samantha Thoma, [email protected]

Green St. Records

President: Jeffrey Smith, [email protected]

Group for New Music

President: Ming-ching Chiu, [email protected]

Guitar Salon

President: Hye-Seung Kang, [email protected]

Hemingway’s Bane: Literature, Creative Writing, & the Plastic Arts

President: Erik Chapman, [email protected]


President: Rebecca Rodgers, [email protected]

House Arrest National Championship Dance Team Inc.

President: Sammie Mosley, [email protected]

Illini Classical Guitar Club

President: Byungmin Kim, [email protected]

Illini Contraband

President: John Crue, [email protected]

Illini Film and Video

President: Michael Burgess, [email protected]

Illini Glowsticking Club

President: Alexander Sun, [email protected]

Illini Illusionists

President: Kevin Chuang, [email protected]

Illini Productions

President: Weston Carter, [email protected]

Illini Raas Team

President: Keya Patel, [email protected]

Illini Saxophone Club

President: Ryan Leatherman, [email protected]

Illini Winter Drumline

President: Michael Stein, [email protected]


President: Anthony Nicosia, [email protected]


President: Olivia Niziolek, [email protected]


President: Chin-Fei Chan, [email protected]


President: Kari Teske, [email protected]

Jane Austen Club

President: Michele Walters, [email protected]

Ka Melia Hula Club

President: Carlin Geremias, [email protected]

Krannert Center Student Association

President: Kristina Ruskuls, [email protected]

Legend Dance Company

President: Katie Hay, [email protected]

Literature and Medicine Initiative

President: Paul Gayed, [email protected]

Lords of House

President: Daniel Wagner, [email protected]

Mara Giri Project

President: Todd Rusk, [email protected]


President: Suraj Nellikar, [email protected]


President: Sarah Phillips, [email protected]

No Comment

President: Kenneth Brennan, [email protected]

No Strings Attached

President: Case Carvell, [email protected]

Nomad Singers

President: Brian Kung, [email protected]

Odd Request

President: Thomas O’Malley, [email protected]

Other Guys

President: Paul France, [email protected]

Penny Dreadful Players

President: Patrick Lindley, [email protected]

Photography Club

President: Erica Kohagizawa, [email protected]

Resonated Sound

President: Iman Sharabash, [email protected]

Rip Chords, The

President: Erin Larson, [email protected]


President: Pooja Desai, [email protected]

Scraps of Love: The Scrapbooking Club

President: Brittany Kusay, [email protected]

Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity for Women

President: Heather Blazevich, [email protected]

Special Interest Group for Computer Graphics, SIGGRAPH

President: Andrew Christensen, [email protected]

Spicy Clamato

President: Eric Siegel, [email protected]

Students for the Collegiate Readership Program

President: Victor Gurrola, [email protected]


President: Jeffrey Mundinger, [email protected]

Tango Tango

President: Joseph grohens, [email protected]

The Club That Must Not Be Named

President: Hannah Weiss, [email protected]

Toxic Motion Dance Company

President: Agata Kizerwetter, [email protected]

Tree House Society

President: Brittany Serenbetz, [email protected]

Varsity Men’s Glee Club

President: Phil Johnson, [email protected]

Velocity Dance

President: Emily Pajerski, [email protected]


President: Hannah Weil, [email protected]

Women’s Glee Club

President: Sheryl McDonald, [email protected]

Xtension Chords A Cappella Singers

President: Nick Holwey, [email protected]



President: Jay Collins, [email protected]

African American Research and Professional Network (AARPN)

President: Dorine Brand, [email protected]

African Students Organization

President: Kevin Gitonga, [email protected]


President: Rajat Saksena, [email protected]

Arab Student Association

President: Shayma Mouhammed, [email protected]

Asian American Law Students Association

President: Paul Kim, [email protected]

Asian American Student Housing Organization

President: Jie Chen, [email protected]

Asian Pacific American Coalition

President: Justine Lee, [email protected]

Baltic Club

President: Aras Zygas, [email protected]

Barbecue Grilling Club, “Grillini”

President: Timothy Rosean, [email protected]

Bengali Student Association

President: Reshmi Mukherjee, [email protected]

Black Chorus at the University of Illinois

President: Lora Moore, [email protected]

Black Congratulatory Committee

President: Michael Boyd, [email protected]

Burmese Student Association

President: Van Ceu, [email protected]

Capoeira Club at UIUC

President: Lydia Majure, [email protected]

Central and South American Student Association

President: Amanda Drenner, [email protected]

Chinese Arts Culture Club

President: Mengxue Li, [email protected]

Chinese Undergraduate Student Association

President: yanfen li, [email protected]

Coffee Club

President: Lee Seeger, [email protected]

Colombian Student Association

President: Hernan Rocha Nino, [email protected]

Colors of Pride

President: Jovanda Warren, [email protected]


President: Genevieve Larson, [email protected]

Dharma [Hindu Students Organization]

President: Nishit Bhagat, [email protected]

East Asian Calligraphy Club

President: Zhe Wen, [email protected]

Ebony Umoja Black Student Union

President: Camille Love, [email protected]

Egyptian Student Association in North America

President: Usama Ahmed Ali, [email protected]

Ethiopian Students Association-UIUC

President: Salem Tewelde, [email protected]

Falun Dafa Practice Group

President: Hao Feng, [email protected]

Gah Rahk Mah Dahng

President: Sin Yeon Noh, [email protected]

Global China Connection-University of Illinois Chapter

President: Xiao Li, [email protected]


President: Washina Ford, [email protected]

Hellenic Students Association

President: Maria Agathou, [email protected]

Hong Kong Student Association

President: Karen Lee, [email protected]

Illini Folk Dance Society

President: Amy Engelbrecht-Wiggans, [email protected]

Illini Pipes and Drums

President: Camden Greenlee, [email protected]

Indian Student Association

President: Aruna Shastry, [email protected]

Indonesian Students Club

President: Nathanael Santoso, [email protected]

Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association

President: tiffany chang, [email protected]

Japanese Animation Club

President: Amanda Fowler, [email protected]

Korean American Student Association

President: Alexander Lee, [email protected]

Korean Cultural Center

President: Sora Kim, [email protected]

Korean Law Students Association

President: Yu Carpenter, [email protected]

La Colectiva

President: Irakere Picon, [email protected]

Latino Law Students Association

President: Steven Avalos, [email protected]

Lebanese Cultural Club

President: Rami Abdallah, [email protected]

Luso-Brazilian Association

President: Vivian Felicio, [email protected]

Mexican Student Association

President: Luis Bonilla, [email protected]

Middle Eastern Culture Club

President: Muin Haswah, [email protected]


President: Sarah Okner, [email protected]

Nepali Student Association

President: Rabin Bhattarai, [email protected]

Oriental Culture Club

President: yanfen li, [email protected]

Overseas China Education Foundation at UIUC

President: Dongsheng Zhang, [email protected]

Pakistani Students Association

President: Umar Mahmud, [email protected]

Pengajian Indonesia

President: Aria Novianto, [email protected]

Persian Cultural Association

President: Anita Jahanban, [email protected]

Philippine Student Association

President: Simeon Sevandal, [email protected]


President: Eric Montano, [email protected] .

Puerto Rican Student Association

President: Mariela Rivera-Morales, [email protected]

Red Roots

President: Sonia Mariscal, [email protected]

Romanian Student Club

President: Alexandra Seceleanu, [email protected]

Saudi Students House

President: Rayan Hafiz, [email protected]

Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth

President: Ankur Kulkarni, [email protected]

Society of Celtic Cultures

President: Sarah Fogle, [email protected]

Society of Signers

President: Katie Moore, [email protected]

Taiwan Intercultural Association

President: Alice Chang, [email protected]

Taiwanese American Students Club

President: I-Chun Hsu, [email protected]

Taiwanese Students Association

President: Jamie Cheng, [email protected]

Turkish Student Association

President: Kivanc Avrenli, [email protected]

UC Hip Hop Congress

President: Adam Farag, [email protected]

Ukrainian Students Association

President: Vera Kazaniwskyj , [email protected]

Veterinary Students as One In Culture and Ethnicity

President: Kelly DeBaene, [email protected]

Vietnamese Student Association

President: Tien-Hung Nguyen, [email protected]

Vietnamese Student Community

President: Nam Nguyen Hoang, [email protected]

WBML Radio

President: Carlos Jenkins, [email protected]

Women of Color

President: Alexis McLaughlin, [email protected]


Alpha Zeta

President: Matthew Briscoe, [email protected]

Atius-Sachem Leadership Honoraries

President: scott Baker, [email protected]

Beta Alpha Psi Professional Business Society

President: Ho Jong Kenny Kim, [email protected]

Gargoyle Honor Society

President: Jennifer Hoffman, [email protected]

I-LEAP Society

President: Jennerette Smith, [email protected]

Mortar Board

President: Jennifer Anderson, [email protected]

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

President: Greg Omolecki, [email protected]

Omega Chi Epsilon Chemical Engineering Society

President: Brandon Reizman, [email protected]

Order of Omega

President: Heather Smith Grattan, [email protected]

Phi Sigma Pi

President: Lindsey Castleman-Zia, [email protected]

Student Chapter of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists

President: Richard Hill, r[email protected]

Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society

President: Rahul Yargop, [email protected]

Tau Sigma National Honor Society

President: Heather Wierschke, [email protected]


AIESEC Illinois

President: Roshani Sheth, [email protected]

Bollywood Appreciation Club

President: KARAN SINGH, [email protected]

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

President: Xiaohuang (Victor) Huang, [email protected]

Cosmopolitan Club at the University of Illinois

President: Davide Motta, [email protected]

Eastern Tea Association

President: Cheng-Hao Lai, [email protected]

Entrepreneurs Without Borders

President: Mark Paik, [email protected]

[email protected]

President: Darcy Ross, [email protected]

Foreign Language Club

President: Pamela Hsieh, [email protected]

Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children – UIUC Chapter

President: Christina Tarazi, [email protected]

French-American Student Organization

President: Page Roth, [email protected]

Frontiers- International Health Society

President: Kyla Bachtell, [email protected]

Global Business Brigades at the University of Illinois

President: Garrett Whitsitt, [email protected]

Graduate School of Library and Information Science Chinese Group

President: Zhimin Chen, [email protected]

Indian Graduate Students Association

President: Ashwin Jadhav, [email protected]

Intercultural Friendship Foundation

President: Murat Baday, [email protected]

International Debate Society

President: Jong-Hoon Hong, [email protected]

International Friendship Link

President: Yuzhao Liu, [email protected]

International Health Society-COM

President: Helena Orbach, [email protected]

International Student Connections

President: Natalie Mullen, [email protected]

Korean Students Association

President: Hosang Shin, [email protected]

Malaysian Students Association (MASA)

President: Alina Amir, [email protected]

Model United Nations

President: Jennifer Powers, [email protected]

Pakistani Graduate Students Association

President: Qazi Aurangzeb, [email protected]

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

President: Ashlee McLaughlin, [email protected]

Singapore Students Association

President: Jinglin Pan, [email protected]

Students for International Education and Involvement

President: Austin Leefers, [email protected]

Third Culture Kid United

President: Michelle Kim, [email protected]


American- Israeli Student Coalition

President: Rayna Schaff, [email protected]

Campus Anti-War Network UIUC Branch

President: Peter Rhomberg, [email protected]

Campus Greens of UIUC

President: Mark Mallon, [email protected]

College Libertarians

President: Ravi Khadiwala, [email protected]

College Republicans

President: Robert McNeily, [email protected]

Illini Conservative Union

President: Jordan Harp, [email protected]

International Socialist Organization, UIUC Branch

President: Martin Smith, [email protected]

International Students for Social Equality

President: Thomas Mackaman, [email protected]

Iraq Veterans Against the War, UIUC Chapter

President: Jacob Crawford, [email protected]


President: Treva Ellison, [email protected]

League of Women Voters of Champaign County Student Unit

President: Anne Glaudell, [email protected]

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA) – Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan

President: Krystina Briones, [email protected]

Native American Congratulatory Committee

President: Sonia Mariscal, [email protected]

New Voters Project

President: Ronak Desai, [email protected]

Political Science Club

President: Robert Stefanski, [email protected]

Politics w/o Partisanship

President: Matt Grothouse, [email protected]

Rock the Vote Street Team at UIUC

President: Farah Zubair, [email protected]

Students for Change

President: Jake Hendee, [email protected]

Students Together Against the Mistreatment of Puppies (STAMP)

President: Alexandra Spielman, [email protected]

Young Americans for Liberty Illinois Chapter

President: Donald Bunton, [email protected]


Adventist Christian Fellowship

President: Emelinda Escobar, [email protected]

All Souls Presbyterian Church Campus Ministry

President: James Frost, [email protected]

Alpha Nu Omega, Inc.

President: Olugbemiga Adekunle, [email protected]

Atheists, Agnostics, and Freethinkers

President: Ashley Carter, [email protected]

Baptist Student Foundation Campus Ministry

President: Rebekah Hendrix, [email protected]

Brothers And Sisters In Christ

President: Aaron Hanks, [email protected]

Buddhist Club

President: Denise Sampson, [email protected]

Buddhists for World Peace

President: Kaori Sato, [email protected]

Building Bridges: An LGBT and Allies Christian Group

President: Nick Koberstein, [email protected]

Campus Advance

President: Jimmy Gleason, [email protected]

Campus Crusade For Christ

President: Lauren DiMonte, [email protected]

Chabad Jewish Student Association

President: Sophia Harris, [email protected]

Champaign Chinese Christ Disciple Fellowship

President: Muqun Yang, [email protected]

Christadelphians, UIUC Student Chapter

President: Benjamin Tucker, [email protected]

Christian Campus Fellowship

President: Joseph Matuch, [email protected]

Christian Reformed Student Foundation

President: Finley Edwards, [email protected]

Christian Science Organization

President: Daniel Carr, [email protected]

Christian Veterinary Mission Fellowship

President: Erin Feucht, [email protected]

Christians on Campus

President: Isaac Tan, [email protected]

Clear Sky Zen Group at the University of Illinois

President: Holly Holmes, [email protected]

Community Evangelical Free Church, Free Life

President: Tim Tsu, [email protected]

Covenant Fellowship

President: Elise Ahn, [email protected]

Deeper Roots in Christ

President: Paul Toh, [email protected]

Evangelical Christian Union

President: Kyle Marquardt, [email protected]

Faith Christian Peer Ministry

President: Terance Garrett, [email protected]

Fellowship of Catholic University Students

President: James Becker, [email protected]

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

President: Tiffany Nesfield, [email protected]

Footsteps in the Sand

President: Jerry Vachaparambil, [email protected]

Glory Center Campus

President: Matthew Nesbitt, [email protected]

Graduate Bible Study

President: Jinny Cho, [email protected]

Greek InterVarsity

President: Kaitlin Gauen, [email protected]

Hillel Leadership Council

President: Brittany Abramowicz, [email protected]

Illini Chinese Christian Fellowship

President: Daniel Wong, [email protected]

Illini for Christ

President: Crystal Prater, [email protected]

Illini Life Student Fellowship

President: Calvin Braker, [email protected]

Indian Christian Fellowship

President: Jenny Easo, [email protected]

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship – Champaign Chapter

President: Allison Teykl, [email protected]

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship-Urbana Chapter

President: Austin Berger, [email protected]

InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship

President: Daniel Sinkovits, [email protected]

Jain Students Association

President: Radhika Mehta, [email protected]

Korean Buddhist Student Association

President: SUN JOO YOO, [email protected]

Korean Catholic Students Association-Logos Philos

President: JeeWon Ahn, [email protected]

Korean Jesus-love Ministry

President: Elizabeth Yang, [email protected]

Korean New Life Church, UIUC Youth Group

President: Namkye Kang, [email protected]

Latter Day Saint Student Association

President: Aaron Knowlton, [email protected]

Lutheran Student Movement

President: Cristian Gaedicke, [email protected]

Megiste Arete and Elogeme Adolphi Christian Organizations

President: Kortney Fox, [email protected]

Muslim Students Association

President: Alia Bilal, [email protected]

Navigators, The

President: Beth Mader, [email protected]

Newman Foundation Koinonia Retreat Program

President: Raymond Rodriguez, [email protected]

Pagan Students Association

President: Tamilia Reed, [email protected]

Quaker Student Group (Champaign-Urbana Friends Meeting)

President: Chris Hansen, [email protected]

Students For Christ

President: Bryan Schlake, [email protected]

Twin City Bible Campus Fellowship

President: Austin Berger, [email protected]

Young Life

President: Brie Bauer, bab