Committee will meet to discuss future of Mumford House

By Jacob Singleton

A meeting known as the Community Charrette to discuss the future plans for the Mumford House, 1403 West Lorado Taft Drive in Urbana, will be held on Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Monsanto Room of the ACES Library. The meeting is open to the general public.

Mumford House, previously known as the Farm House, is the oldest house on campus. The meeting will address proposed plans for the house.

“What we hope to accomplish by the conclusion of the Community Charrette planning process are to receive solid serious ideas as to how best to use the house in the future, how much will its restoration cost for these purposes and from where will funding for this work come,” said Melvyn Skvarla, campus historic preservation officer.

The last meeting for the future of the Mumford House was in January said Skvarla. The meeting was held to discuss possible renovations to the house or moving it to a different location.

“I actually supported the move of the house to the Windsor Road site and the restoration of the house with alumni donation funds,” said David Chasco, director of architecture. “Moving the house to the new site with restoration by donor funds at a lower cost, is not just a more appropriate use, but also a more appropriate historic use as shown by other cases around the country.”

Ideas will be discussed and presented to the public followed by an announcement of what the next steps will be.

“The more individuals attending and participating in the process the better, as perhaps we will receive some really innovative idea as to future uses of the house that has now stood vacant for about ten years,” Skvarla said.