Fox News: fair, balanced?

Fox News is a news network, but whenever they promote “Fair and Balanced” it makes me cringe.

For one, it definitely has a strong lean to Conservatives, Republicans, the right, etc. The “Liberals” they have on the network are not very strong liberals and in debates they hardly even try to argue. But I guess if you were on a show such as “The O’Reilly Factor,” it would be hard to argue since Bill O’Reilly is usually yelling or cutting the microphone off on someone who he is disagreeing with. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube; you can see that for yourself!

If I ever want a good laugh, I just need to turn on his show. Like Hannity and Beck, and pretty much all of Fox News, they continue to play upon America’s fear while creating new fear and hatred.

True journalism is reporting the news without adding your opinion or personal insults.

I’ve watched CNN and have seen commercials for both pro and against universal healthcare. But on Fox News, I only see the Conservative side. There’s nothing wrong with being Conservative, but I wish they were truthful.

Proclaiming “Fair and Balanced” is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it’s deceptive and I can see why President Obama dislikes the network.

Regina Mendez

senior in Psychology