The tale of two Mikes

Throughout their careers at Illinois, much has been made of the duo of forward Mike Davis and center Mike Tisdale. In 2009-10, the juniors aim to step up their game and take the team to the next level. Last season, Davis was second No. 2 in Illini scoring, averaging 11.3 points. He also was second in the Big Ten in rebounding, averaging 8.1 boards. Meanwhile, Tisdale was close behind as Illinois’ No. 3 scorer and rebounder, averaging 10.2 points and 4.0 rebounds.

Mike Davis:

On Tisdale as his counterpart

“We just have to work together. We work together very well, high lows and rebounds, and we can both shoot the ball and score on the block, so we if we just rebound and play defense, we’ll be very good.”

“We’re like brothers. We all hang out together, play video games, you know, do stuff, go to team dinners. So this team loves each other.”

Mike Tisdale:

On Mike and Mike

“We’ve gotten to know where each other are at when it comes to the games. It’s a little easier finding Mike (Davis) in the post because I know his technique — where he wants to be, where he wants the ball — things like that, so that always helps.”

On Davis

“He’s athletic, he’s got long arms, tall, shoots the ball as well, so you can’t just settle on one of us or the other, so that helps. And he rebounds and that kind of takes a little bit off me.”