Are we giving up?

It should not come as a shock to those seniors who are graduating this semester or next semester that full-time employment is a precious commodity.

So many came to this University because of its reputation for excellence and the promise that they would find a career after undergrad. The percentages of students who find full time careers upon graduation is much lower than in the past, and seniors are preparing themselves for the dreaded idea of returning home to live with mom and dad. Although the economy is still terrible right now, it is not the only factor contributing to the decrease in employment.

According to the Career Center’s 2008-2009 annual report, seniors are not putting as much effort into the recruiting process because they know there won’t be as many jobs available.

What’s wrong with everyone? They should be putting all of their energy into being the top candidates for those positions that are available. Just because the economy sucks doesn’t mean you have to give up.

There was a career fair this semester where employers were looking for new hires, and there will be another one this winter!

There is nothing we can do about the amount of jobs being offered, but not trying is unacceptable.

This University is still high up on recruiter’s lists for new employees.

At least give it all you’ve got so you can say you did your best. Giving up never helped anyone to achieve great things.

Anna Campbell,

senior in ACES