No shortage of places to cram on campus

Studying. It’s arduous and tedious; it’s cramming as much information into your head in a limited amount of time. Yet, you can’t get around it. It has to be done. Question is – where is the best place to get it done? We asked around campus and here are some of the suggestions students had to say.


The Undergraduate Library and Grainger were the two favorite ones. With 40 or so libraries to choose from at the University, do not be afraid to try studying at one of the smaller libraries (Communications, Law, Business, Kinesiology, etc). They are often less crowded and noisy— and chances are, you’ll find one that’s closer to apartment or dorm than The Undergrad and Grainger. However, the library is still a great place to study if one wants to meet up for a group study or get away from distractions in the dorms and apartments.

“I go to the library if I need to get out of my apartment because there are other distractions like the TV, laundry, cleaning, dishes, etc. to worry about,” said Kelsy DeBord, senior in Business. “Also, I like that the library is open 24 hours during finals and I like the feeling that everyone that is there is studying for finals too.”

Your Apartment

Most people listed their apartment, along with one other public location as their preferred locations for studying. There are many obvious advantages of staying at home: not having to bundle up to go out, being able to take television and snack breaks, and having a lot of space to yourself. But be warned: those who want to be productive at home will have to be very self-disciplined to shy away from all the distractions.

“I usually stay in my apartment because it’s quiet, I’m comfortable and I can get whatever I want whenever I need it,” said Aarthi Krishnamurthy, junior in LAS. “Plus, I don’t really like walking to the library since I get distracted by looking at all the people.”

Coffee Shops

Popular choices included on-campus locations such as Espresso Royale, Caffe Paradiso and Starbucks. Downtown spots such as Aroma Cafe and Cafe Kopi also made the list. For most students, it’s a different change of pace and environment from the libraries, which can often become overcrowded. With music usually playing in the background, coffee shops are a good alternative for someone seeking a cozy spot.

Inhwa Oh, a junior in College of Media said Espresso Royale was her choice of preference.

“I really like the atmosphere and the noise level is just right for me,” Oh said. “The indistinct chatter actually helps me study I think – it’s just a lively place to study.”

Other Places

Aside from the typical places to study, some students gave a few alternative options, including some locations that require a little traveling.

Here’s what they have to say:

Empty classrooms, The Union, Business Instructional Facility, low-key bars such as Murphy’s, Legend’s and The Blind Pig. Another option is going home for a few days if you can fit it in your schedule.